An Open Letter to First-Time-College Students

Dear First-Time-College Students,As you pack up 18 years of memories and leave your childhood home to start the next chapter of your life - I have some advice for you.1. Leave a few outfits in the closet at home.  You might not believe me now, but you'll miss home, your bed, your mom's cooking and your dad's jokes.  It'll also be easier for your mom to have a few reminders that you'll be back when she sits alone in your empty room at night....more

Summer's Lessons

It hardly seems possible, but summer has finally come to an end.  Cole's been a first grader for a full week, Malachi has gone back to Florida (temporarily) and I'm spending my final days snuggling with my soon-to-be two-year-old.  Monday, I embark on my senior year at Northern Illinois University.  I've learned a lot this summer and I've grown a lot.  I've made some mistakes and I've accomplished some things.  Three months ago, I didn't know if I'd survive a whole summer with three boys, but somehow we made it out on the other end in one piece.  We're better f...more