Sounds of this season

The theme for this month is CRUNCH. Not the Captain. Or maybe it is about the Captain?Anyhow, today we are prompted to write about our favorite Autumnal sound.Can you hear a feeling? ...more

Final word on healing

I came across a letter from my father. Written in cursive, long hand, as always. It is dated 27 Dec. '07.Here is the quote: "It came to me that your mother never told me she loved me. Ever.".What the...???...more

When I am mad you know it.

 Anger is a problem for me. Not in an "I need anger management classes" way, but it proves to be problematical for me because I can't hide it. I wear it. Like a mask. ...more

Laugh until you cry.....

I say this a lot.... I am raising two young girls. Trying to usher them into womanhood without going to jail or getting on the pole. (Them not me...)So imagine my laughter when my daughter asked me, as I drove onto the freeway, "mom, what's a blow job"? ...more

Physician, heal thyself!

Can we heal ourselves? Can we heal alone? Do we need people to help us heal? Good questions, all. What does it mean to be healed? In the case of an illness or injury it is simply the absence of the illness or the injury. Or is it?I am confounded by healing. ...more

I made you a mixtape...

 Remember mixtapes? Oh. My. God. Flashback!!So if I were going to make you a mixtape of sad songs....well why would I do that? I mean love songs maybe...cheer you up songs...possibly...but sad songs???WHY???? Sounds torturous. But I want to play here is my line-up......more

Go ahead and

I am going to talk about the movies that just bring on those big therapeutic cries. The good kind. Or the only kind I guess....more
dani_stockham might want to in order to prepare yourself for your daughters' college ...more

According to Queen, "You're my best friend"...

 Love you like a sister but better.Best friend forever I love you.LYLASBB. BFFILY.We were tagging back in the day my friends. Seriously ahead of the curve.  ...more

Just stick your fingers in...

Today I write about comfort foods. I have probably done this before. I know I have talked about my strange relationship with food.I am currently in a struggle with myself. I am horribly lazy and scornfully plagued by guilt because of my laziness. As a result...I am experiencing some food issues. ...more

Touch me...Heal me....probably not

Naming five things that heal my soul is like a chore. But I am a team player......more