My Autumn bridge

 Spring is "babyhood", Summer is "young adulthood", and Autumn is what? Winter we all know is "old age hood". ...more

Falling into crafts

 I am in love with crafts. I adore craftiness. If you have a craft room, I am secretly obsessed with you. I go on Pinterest to fulfill my lusty yearning to be crafty. And.Yet.I....more
I, too, long to be crafty. Alas ... my skills lie in other areas. *sigh*more

Orange October

Tell us how you feel about the color ORANGE.Coincidentally I am a San Francisco Giants' baseball fan. Ironically they are in The World Series. Unbelievably, Game one is today. I have plenty of ORANGE in my wardrobe. I like orange. The color in my wedding 21 years ago was "coral", more of an orange coral than a pink coral. I wonder if I like the color because of October and October being my birthday month. Interesting idea.......more

Time in a bottle

It's not about Jim Croce. Autumn reminds us that everything changes, what would I like to change?Oh honey, if you only knew about my weekend........more

Campfire, Bonfire, I'm afraid of fire.

Tell about the last campfire/bonfire you went to.Can I preface this by saying "Why"? Bonfires escape me.  Are we just making a party out of burning our brush? And why do colleges do it? Damn, now I have to research it. Is it to "burn" the opponents' in effigy and "fire" up the fans for the game? Prob....more
blacklatinafabulous  Thank you so much!more


 Small town. Pretty rural. By no means a big city. FFA and home economics. Woodshop in school and even auto mechanics. A tractor on the road? Sure, it happened. So when I read today's prompt about describing my ideal hay ride, including who I invite to go with me..., why do I scoff? Loudly....more

Late Early On Time aka: yes no maybe

  I'm late; I'm late, for a very important date...The early bird catches the worm...Punctuality is a virtue...I have said them all, to myself and to others, many, many times....more

The bitter end

I am painfully overscheduled today. I have construction workers here sealing my brand new shower tile. It reeks. They are wearing full on respirators but I am just mouth breathing with the windows open. Probably not super toxic right?...more

Under Pressure

  I get this feeling of exhilaration when I am facing a deadline. My first real tangible experience with this crunch time rush came in college. I had a huge term paper due and I did not have any typing skills. At. All. ...more

LJS at 12

 I have to go off topic today. My baby turned 12. Well technically she will turn 12 at 8:49pm tonight. But she is 12, so her birthday started the second she woke up. ...more