Passion Police

 February is a month to blog about Passion. What you are passionate about? Who are you passionate about? What fuels your passions and stuff like that? Blah blah, love, passion, moon, spoon, June. Not feeling it. But I am only 5 days into the month so anything is possible....more

In a rut

It is the 27th day of January in the year 2016 and I am officially in a New Year's rut. My 2015 ended with my health being in a pretty crappy space and it interfered with my ability to embrace this New Year. I am still in a place of unknowing with regard to my intestinal distress but I had a GI doctor tell me that in the realm of patients seen at his practice, I am considered very healthy. As if this was supposed to make me feel better. Which it did not. It infuriated me. And that confused me....more

Good Enough

 If being an expert at something, anything, was all I needed to feel accomplished...well, I am not an expert at anything. I am a know-it-all but that is not the same thing. You know what I am really good at? Listening. I am not ever in a rush to blurt out my greatest ideas ever, until you are quite finished telling me your greatest idea ever. ...more

Lesson learned: fear imbedded

Two blogging days combined into today because I am going on a short trip tomorrow and I won't be blogging. write about a lesson learned at a young age and who taught it to you. write about a childhood fear and if you overcame it or why you may still have it.Great....more

When I grow up.....

 When I was a kid, did I want to have the same job or a different job than my parents did...?...more

Coolest Job Ever.

When I was a kid, what did I think was the coolest job ever?I always pretended to be a teacher. My older sister was the greatest pretend teacher ever. So I copied her. She is now going on her 26th year of teaching. (She will correct me if I am wrong about the number of years). She still loves teaching. ...more

Barbie's Dreamhouse

Which commandment is it that speaks to "coveting"? Today's prompt is about a friend's toy that you wished you had. My friend had a Barbie Dreamhouse. She had lots of cool Barbie stuff. She was very fortunate. I remember my jealousy being so big and so overwhelming. Carol was my best friend. Hands down, the closest friend I had. Now mind you, my parents were friends with her parents. “Parents” meaning my mother and father, and then after the divorce, my mother and step monster. So we were together A LOT. ...more


 Today's prompt concerns gossip. I do it. I feel bad after. Sometimes. Sometimes I don't. But I am not blogging about gossip today. I am currently grooving on a song by a young artist named Jamie Lawson. It is called,"I wasn't expecting that". Here are the lyrics. But you need to hear his voice....more
I am fighting the good fight no matter what. Thank you for reading.more

I wish I could make her understand

Is there anything I wish I could make? Sure. many things. But most importantly, I wish I could make my children understand. Understand how important certain things are and how UNIMPORTANT others are. And how NOT to confuse the two. Best of luck to me. Ok thank you very much. (mic drop) ...more

A fatwa

Do you know what a fatwa is? Have you declared one on anything? Is it a weird word? Is the concept so foreign to you that after you verified the definition, you were horrified by it? ...more