breathless Brock was sitting on the edge of his bed, slouched over, concentrating on peeling the skin off an apple with a paring knife. "Ouch!" he mumbled when he nicked the tip of his thumb, causing a few droplets of blood to drip onto his lap. "Careful," his mom cautioned, as she walked into his room with a clean load of laundry, handing him a small wash cloth to press to the wound. Brock smiled, and nodded. "I'm good, Mom. No big deal," he said, adding, "So, you and Dad still going out tonight?"...more


  I'm feeling the distance between Rudy and I. It feels very, very wide, with no view of closing the gap. The three thousand plus mile gap. Once or twice, I have had a vision of me falling flat on my face. That my stoic attitude will get the best of me, and crumble, causing me to let go emotionally, and not be able to hold my head up high and deal with our distant situation....more


independence Independence Day. A day to celebrate our freedom. And to lavish the day with reds, whites, and blues. To come together, with family and friends, spending the day relaxing, chatting, and eating....more

the strength of liz

the strength of liz When Liz was in high school, sitting in a classroom, listening to her teacher lecture, she fainted. Right there, while resting her chin on a clinched fist. Unexpectedly, she lost consciousness. And no one even realized it, except for her friend who was sitting nearby. Before that, when she was in junior high, she took the annual pay for it yourself Washington D.C....more