BFF Whether You Like It Or Not!

It’s my goal for Rohan and Kaya to be besties for life. I’m going to make it happen whether want it to or not. For the most part they get along really well....more

Hello August

Oh my goodness. It’s August already. Next month is the best month of the year!!! ...more

How A CrockPot Saved My Life

Or maybe…How a crockpot could save my life if I could figure out what to make in...more Reader Survey

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE OKDANI READER SURVEY! Hi girls, Fresh off of a great BlogHer weekend, I am working hard behind the scenes here at and on my forthcoming coaching site *squeal!* to improve the experience for you, and (real talk) the satisfaction, for me. This space started...more

The Morning Makeover Handbook

I’m SO Excited to share this with you!!! By far, the one habit that has truly transformed my life is creating a magical morning for myself. This one practice adds so much value and joy to my day and to my life it’s really priceless ....more

Mommy Pampering & Blonde Hair

(Before) So, you girls know me and my box-dye issues:...more

I’m Back!!

Maaaaaaan Listen. I’m back from a whirlwind few days in NYC....more

A Case for TV and Planned Laziness (with XFINITY X1 Voice Remote)

Please enable Javascript to watch this video I work a lot. I feel like I’m always busy with something. Don’t you? ...more

A Case for TV & Planned Laziness (with XFINITY X1 Voice Remote)

I work a lot. I feel like I'm always busy with something. Don't you? I wake up early, work at my biz and blog. I go to my day job and work there. Come home and work around the house, work out, then work on my biz some more. All while working to keep the kids and John happy, healthy, and keep them from going too bazzurk. There's always work to be done. So I look forward to days when I can be a complete lazy bum. They're rare. And they're pre-planned... but #plannedlaziness is one of the best things ever. My most recent day of planned laziness was the 4th of July....more

What’s In My Bag? (Embarrassment, That’s What!)

This post can alternatively be named: Lighten Up! Clean out your damn purse! How Emptying Out Your Purse Can Both Mortify and Motivate You How To Manifest Two Blazers Anyway, It’s been a while since I have done a What’s In My Bag post ....more