Thursday Thoughts Q&A

Today’s Thursday Thoughts are just answering some of the quick-answer questions you sent in…. ********** Why don’t you date black guys? Because I’m married ....more

I Don’t Want to Blog About #Fergason

…..and I’m not going to. Not in full at least. Many black women, more eloquent than I have written about it and have shared feelings and ideas that mirror my own....more

Mind Right Monday Linkup

Hey girls! Thanks for joining Danielle, Darrica and I for this Mind Right Monday Linkup!! Just make a post with your goals for the week and what you’re grateful for, and you can link up below! ...more

Moms Fitness Challenge: Mind Over Matter

Today’s Fit Friday post is by my friend Erma, the genius behind the best pomades I’ve ever used.. and PS She has great hair! Check it out and leave your comments below! ...more

Q and A: How do you teach your kids?

(he was supposed to be sleeping. I check the monitor and caught him reading to his stuffed animals!) Well, you guys sure showed up in full force with the questions! Keep em coming ....more

Ask Me Anything!

I’m completely stealing this idea from another blogger who did an “Ask Me Anything” post a while back. It was a great way for us to get to know her better, and also provided content for her to write about. (yes…i’m totally using you to help give me blogging ideas…gotta problem?) So, I’m copycatting ....more

Mind Right Monday Linkup

OK Today’s the first linkup with my fabulous co-hosts Danielle and Darrica! Mind Right Monday (MRM), as you know, is a way to jump-start the week in a positive way. Keeping your goals and what you’re grateful for top of mind sets you up for a productive (and happy) week! ...more

Postpartum Shedding and My Hair Lately

I realize as I sit down to write this post that I really miss writing about hair! I haven’t tried too many new products lately to review but I’m going to have to start, so I can give you ladies some new hair product giveaways too! Let’s see… ....more

What I Want Wednesday

So, I’m on this whole self-imposed shopping ban (ish) and I told you guys how I “faux shop” online… and you guys said you do it too!! (see, this is why I love you, you’re my people….) Anyway, in lieu of fakeshopping “alone”…I’m sharing my wants with you… Cute Workout Clothes If I hit […] ...more

Wink Shapewear Review and Giveaway!

Hey girls!...more