Summer Beauty: Decoding the Drugstore

 Everyone wants to look good and feel good, especially in summer, but the cost and the time it takes to shop for the right beauty and personal care items can be overwhelming.What’s actually inside those products that we put in and on our bodies? What’s right for you? And what should a summer medicine cabinet makeover include?Sophie Uliano, New York Times bestselling author of the Gorgeously Green series, shares some great  shopping tips....more

Eco Car Two: The Next Generation of Gas Efficient Cars

Have you seen gas prices lately?  I'm all about green energy, and want to buy an energy efficient vehicle in the near future. That's why i love the Eco Car Two, “Plugging into the Future” competition.College students are re-engineering a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. The goal- to get even better gas mileage.  Watch the interview below to learn more. ...more

Make sure you toddler is eating right

My son isn't a toddler, but for any mom who has one, you'll find this information exrtremely helpful.As children transition to table foods, learning how to get well-balanced nutrition is extremely important for healthy growth and development.Award winning pediatrician and bestselling author Dr. Scott Cohen shares some advice when it comes to healthy options for your toddler....more

Best summer travel tips

After a particularly long and nasty winter, spring has finally sprung and folks are planning and taking long-awaited vacations. Whether it’s going home for the upcoming holidays or taking that trip of a lifetime this summer, many of us will be navigating airports around the country. So, how do you breeze through the terminal and to your gate virtually stress-free? Travel Guru Peter Greenberg, host of the Travel Detective on Public Television shares tips to get your vacation off to a great start!...more

Keep your family safe from online threats

2013 had the most damaging series of cyberattacks in history. More than 552 million identities were exposed in data breaches last year. Now, a new Symantec study reveals that the attacks are getting bigger and more vicious! Soon, the bad guys could have access to information about your health, your habits and even your mood....more

St. Augustine - A Little Leisure A Lot of History

You're probably already thinking about and planning your summer vacation. Florida is always at the top of our list.There are the traditional destinations, and Florida has a lot of history too especially in the city of St. Augustine.As a matter of fact, there is a connection with the Civil Rights Act that I didn't know about....more
daytripsrock20  you really should its a really beautiful place and romantic :)more

A Giving Challenge for Soccer Moms and Fans

I've never been much of a soccer fan until my son started playing the sport and I became an official soccer mom.  Soccer is growing in popularity in the U.S. professionally, but the world loves the sport, and fans are getting ready to cheer at the World Cup in Brazil. ...more

Better tax returns for your family in 2014

As of January 1, millions of Americans are either newly insured or experiencing changes with their health insurance and are asking, “How will the Affordable Care Act affect my tax return?”And TALK ABOUT UNCLAIMED FUNDS! When it comes to self-prepared tax returns, did you know we left more than A BILLION DOLLARS on the table last year? So how do you make sure I’m getting every penny I deserve?Tax expert Richard Gartland  has some answers....more

Your Pet Can Help You Find Love this V-Day

February 14th is Cupid’s day and the one day set aside just for lovers. But, what do you do if you’re single and searching for that special someone? CELEBRITY matchmaker, dating expert, AUTHOR and television personality, Samantha Daniels will explain how having a pet can help you find “the one”....more

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone

I love sharing interviews with industry insiders who have a finger on the pulse of shopping trends.  This one is for everyone who is still looking for the perfect present for that special someone.Kimmie Smith shares some hot tips.  She is a  trend-insider and says a last minute gift can still be unforgettable.   ...more