I think religion is the major cause of atheism...BUT....

I wasnt raised in "the church" or with a sense of "religion"...I went to church when I was in High School...but I think of it now as a social thing...all of my friends went to church...so I wanted to go. Yes, we worshipped God...and did bible studies...and I even went to church camp....So yes I know God exists. BUt I really think Church Goers are the worst example for a child. My experience portrays them as two faced, judgemental pedestool sitters. Do I want my child to see such an example? ...more

Patience isnt my virtue

You could say that I'm not exactly the most patient person...Actually you could say i'm extremely impatient. ESPECIALLY when I'm in the car. It's like I've got to be there right now as quickly as possible and will curse every red light, slow driver, and school zone out there. But here's the thing - what's my hurry? I dont have a JOB these days...I dont have kids yet...Where is it that I desperately need to go/be? ...more

Spring Break!

As a 28 year old college grad I can sadly say I never went anywhere or did anything stupid or crazy for spring break.  I've never been much of a beach person and in college thats where all of my sisters (yeah laugh it up, I was in a sorority) were headed to some beach or the other, and my roommates were working or headed to a different beach. So, I usually went home to Mississippi.   ...more

Who gets my future child if I die?

My wife and I are heavily considering having a child. While I carry many of the traditional feminine rolls she is the one who wants to carry "future baby". Last night I was lying in bed considering all thing baby when something struck me - who takes the child if we were to both die? So tonight I posed this question to my wife. ...more

New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2009...my wife is excited because nine is one of the few words that still shows my southern accent...I'm excited because I have made a new years resolution for the first time. I'm going to learn how to quilt...AND make said quilt. I'm unemployed and I'm only half heartedly looking for a job...so I think this is an excellent choice for someone who is somewhat crafty like I am! Hey...the sewing machine I got for Christmas 2007 is coming out of the box!  This is my first time making a resolution...so let's hope I can keep it.   ...more

Wedding Dresses and a long week...

Happy New Year...It's 9:25 pst...i've watched the ball drop in NYC...now I'm watching a re-run of law and order all alone. It's actually really nice to have some down time...some alone time if you will. I absolutely love having my mamaw here and I'm going to be really bummed when she leaves...and thank goodness she isnt as high maintenance as some of my visitors...we usually play for a day and then rest for two! ha! ...more

She's far less sentimental than I am. I'll be sad to see it go...however, I know I'll never ...more