Reclaiming My Sense of Humor in the Wake of Abuse

Over the last few years, I have slowly get had to reclaim aspects of myself that were lost or beaten into submission figuratively and sometimes literally by my past relationships that were fraught with abuse and violence. One of the first things was my sexuality, which was reclaimed in a most unhealthy way. It has been a long list after that filled with things both small and large. I am able to wear what I want, eat what I want, have an argument if I want, and control my own time. But, it occurred to me yesterday that there was one thing I had never thought about. ...more
As a fellow survivor of abuse, and also someone learning how to be myself again, thank you for ...more

You Can Never Go Home Again

This weekend, I made the hour long trek to my parent’s house. It is the third time I have seen them in two year and the first time with out the protection of my children. I know, even though my parents don’t particularly like children, the kid and the baby provide a kind of buffer in the conversation between us. Without them,… I just can’t take it....more

In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States (Book Review)

I love it when I get free books. It definitely brightens my day when someone values my opinion enough to allow me to review their book and truly believes that I will be touched or motivated by their work. In every book I read, I love when it incites action or emotional response....more

Livestock Versus Boat

I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who sit in their homes or cars listening intently to a police scanner for my fun and entertainment. But, I can no longer poke fun at those people. I have new addiction. There is a facebook page dedicated to allowing other people to listen intently to their police scanners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Then, they post tidbits and highlights for mass consumption. I am now one of the masses. I am a sheep, hear me baaaaa....more

The Severed Head in My House

There is a severed head somewhere in our house. I know it’s there, but I don’t know where. I prefer to not be in the know on my husband’s discretions. My father in law had delivered it to the house, the lone prize of what could only have been a killing spree. I averted my eyes quickly, trying to maintain my plausible deniability. But, for that briefest of moments, I had looked it right in the eye. The sad brown eyes stared back at me, pleading for assistance in his final moments....more

Kissing and Telling

I was only three when I first told a boy that he didn’t know how to kiss… and that I was going to fix that. So, when I talk to you about kissing, please know that this comes from decades of long, hard experience. My first real kiss though was pretty perfect. I was in middle school and in a truth or dare game, I was dared to kiss my boyfriend for a full five minutes....more

The Land of Craigslist Personals: Casual Encounters Edition

The re-entry into the world of poly-dom is so much more difficult than I remember it. What happened to the days where you could go to a house party or club and bring a girl or couple home for the weekend? I think the smattering of dirty diapers, legos and bringing work home from the office has successfully nipped that in the bud....more