What DO you Do all day?!

If you are a stay-at-home-mom, I'm postive you have heard this question on multiple occasions. I have. It's been driving me kinda nuts, so one day a few weeks ago, I decided to answer this question by having a pad and pen with me all day long and jotting down everything I did... all day long... It's finally time for me to write it all down in a blog. FINALLY. Here it goes:My 5 year old son, "L" stands by my bedside at 6:45am visiting with me. Then he went downstairs to watch Netflix....more

I was one happy camper last night!!!

Have you ever hosted a near perfect party? I've always strived for it...stressed about it... planned for it...cooked for it...shopped for it...cleaned for it...never quite achieving it. Coming close a few times, but never quite achieving the PERFECTION (in my eyes). Maybe I'm too hard to please? Maybe my standards are too high? Whatever it is... I've never hosted the perfect party...Until last night!! WOOHOO!! We have a group of friends who have taken turns every Friday night during football season to host a post-game party....more

I've always wanted to be a restaurant reviewer.... here I go...

I spent some time in Chicago this past weekend with my teen daughter and her friend. Our goal was to see a great concert, which we did. My personal goal (in addition to the concert) was to eat some terrific food. We accomplished our goals. First off we stopped at Houlihan's in a suburb. This is NOT an authentic Chicago restaurant, but we just finished shopping at the mall close by and were hungry and didn't want to settle for Panera Bread or Applebee's! So, here we come, Houlihan's. The girls and I liked reading the menu....more

What's the PERFECT meal ???

 What's the PERFECT meal? I'm sure everyone has their own idea/s. I know I do. I was thinking and thinking about WHAT to write about and this question came to mind. It made me think of the perfect meal I had yesterday in my own kitchen. My girlfriend came over, carrying a HUGE double chocolate cheesecake (fresh out of the oven) and I had some hearty minestrone soup on the stove and garlic bread in the oven and a bottle of wine on the counter, breathing. We had a leisurely lunch, visiting, catching up on each other's families, work stories and of course, husband stories (lol)....more

I think I like caramel apple ice cream sundaes now!!

Well, let me first start out by saying I thought I liked homemade crockpot chunky applesauce. But now have decided I like caramel apple ice cream sundaes. This all started because I made homemade crockpot chunky applesauce yesterday. I've made it before and I've loved it everytime. THIS time, however, it turned out kinda water-y. Still tasted good, but just was water-y. I warmed some up and ate it, kind of enjoying it. My husband took a bite of it cold and said, "It's good. It tastes like apple pie filling!" Hmmmm, I thought in my head.... hmmmm......more

Happy Friday!

It's Friday. What does that mean at Darnell Dishes It Out? It means I'm frequently checking my emails and facebook page and text mesages to see how many more orders I will receive before the midnight deadline tomorrow night! People like to wait to order at the last minute, I've noticed. I know it's going to be a good week, when I get orders BEFORE Saturday night, seriously! I like seeing all the orders come in and I like reviewing the menu for the upcoming week and making the grocery lists. I like thinking about food. I like eating food....more

I should NOT have written that blog entry last night!!!

So, I couldn't sleep last night and thought I would blog, so I did. Well, I mentioned that I almost always feel like eating ALL the food that I've cooked for people and that I've cooked for my family. I finished the entry and then all I could think about was homemade meatballs and spaghetti. So, I made myself a dish at like midnight!!! jeesh... (I also had a bowl for breakfast and finished the spaghetti and meatballs off at lunch.) (jeesh) I'm tellin' ya...this is the BEST recipe for homemade meatballs and spaghetti!!...more

Cooking Day Today!

Mondays are cooking days for Darnell Dishes It Out. Today's menu items included: Double Chocolate Trifle for dessert, and for main dishes Homemade Meatballs with Spaghetti, California Pizza, Balsamic and Onion Roasted Chicken, and Sausage and Veggie Grill. I love cooking days, because one, the kitchen smells so wonderful!! And, two, I know I'm cooking for customers as well as my family. The dishes I package for customers are also put into my personal kitchen refrigerator for my family to eat throughout the week!!...more

Do you ever wonder "What's for DINNER??"

Always struggling with "What's for dinner?" Don't like to grocery shop? Feel like you are ordering fast food or take out too often? Do you wish you had a 'cooking fairy'?...more