A Day in the Life: Meeting the Beatles in Miami Beach

This post is part of a BlogHop to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Not that I’m bitter. ...more

The Only Woman Writer on The Tonight Show

As Jay Leno bid farewell and handed over over The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon, I caught up with Beth Einhorn for this interview. ...more

Going 26 for 30

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Two years later: 12 things I would tell him

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Cancer Shaming and Sharing: Whose life is it, anyway?

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12 Christmas Confessions 2013

#1. I’m Jewish. So actually I have no business writing about Christmas....more

The Miracle of Thanksgivukah

A slightly lesser miracle than the oil that burned for 8 days… ...more

The Best Pumpkin Bread

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A moment in time

What is there to say? No words I could write would mean much, heaped on all the words that have been written and spoken about it. But I have the memories ....more

Beauty and the B(r)east

So here it is – the last day of Breast Awareness Month. You didn’t really think October could come and go without something from me about breasts. They’ve been the theme of my art; and so many of the words I’ve written ....more