My Fat Free Mantra

I'm hungry. Really hungry for whatever reason and yet I want nothing healthy. No, instead I want to keep popping mini chocolate covered donuts into my mouth without even taking an initial bite. I want to suck on chocolate covered malt balls until their disintegrate in my mouth. I want to cook up a pot of mac and cheese with hot dogs sliced into it like my mom used to make and rest it on my chest as I lounge by the TV. In other words, I want to eat crap. ...more

I know exactly where you're coming from! Sometimes, when my life feels like crap I find myself ...more

When the Lights Go Out

Just as I was about to sit in and zone out to a special on the famous Romanov family that was on AMC my TV shut off on all it's own accord. GASP! To make matters worse the computer had zapped itself off as well. And, (close your eyes if this is getting too painful), so did my air conditioning! EEEEEKS! ...more

3 Types of Spirits

Spirits, ghosts, or even simply put–the paranormal. No matter how you want to identify those people who's bodies have moved on but souls remain, its hard to say that they don't exist in one way or another and that they're not seriously interesting (in my opinion anyway). Sure there's disbelievers out there, but I am definitely not one of them. ...more

Do You Suffer from Celebrity Addiction?

Fire fighters save lives. The police put away bad guys. Soldiers fight for freedom. But, what do celebrities do? They sport alcohol-monitoring anklets, put out CD’s while fighting major custody battles, and prance across the silver screen; plus, they get paid damn good money to do so. Not that, their money doesn’t come with some hard work, (and fantastic free goodies everywhere they look), but really, why are we so addicted to celebrities? In today’s world they have become more super-sized than any other real life super hero. ...more

A Bag of Condoms and Gray's: Steamy? Yes. Romantic? Not Even Close.

Exactly one year ago I had high expectations for my boyfriend and I's one year anniversary. Not only had we survived through an amazing/tough/crazy one year together as a couple, but this was our first one-year anniversary with anyone. He's my first real boyfriend, first sexual experience, first true love. So yes, I expected flowers, sweet kisses, a dinner out, a romantic heartfelt card even... any of those things. What did I get? Well a walmart bag with a box of condoms still in it alongside my gift in the shape of "Grey's Anatomy: Season One." Was I mad? Oh, just a little. ...more

How Do You Deal With Her Other BF

Throughout my college “experience” I had a lot of roommates: 7 to be exact. At one point I lived with three other girls… so don’t judge quite too harshly. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I have a lot of experience on dealing with my girl friend’s boyfriend drama. A LOT I tell ya. Here are some much recommended suggestions for you kiddies. If you want to save yourself from a little roommate drama then here’s the best way to deal with the boyfriend/girlfriend drama scene: ...more