Tips for Managing Caregiver Stress

Many caregivers fall into the trap of believing they have to do everything by themselves. This can be a recipe for diaster....more

Alzheimer’s Caregiving Stress, The Checklist

Mary helps her aging mother two evenings a week and almost all day on Saturday....more

Alzheimer’s Cure! No, It’s Not Pot

A sincere “Thank You” to David Shenk and Rudy Tanzi....more

How Old Do You Feel?

When I was fourteen my beloved Grandmother turned 85....more

Capturing the Alzheimer’s Person’s History

My sisters and I made a big mistake when my father began showing the first signs of Alzheimer’s: We didn’t take the time to capture Dad’s recollections about his childhod. When he died in in 1999, after living with Alzheimer’s for the better part of a decade, Dad’s six siblings were also dead....more

President Reagan & Alzheimer’s, Part 2

Did Ronald Reagan Have Alzheimer’s During His Presidency? Recently, I wrote a post about Ronald Reagan and Alzheimer’s disease....more

What If a U.S. President Got Alzheimer’s?

Have you ever thought of the complications and possible outcomes that would arise if a U.S. sitting president and leader of the free world developed Alzheimer’s disease? Well, it may surprise you to know we’ve been through this situation already with our nation’s 40th president, Ronald Reagan. A fascinating new study published last month in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease finds that comparing Reagan’s speech patterns over the course of his presidency shows subtle changes indicative of the onset of dementia ....more

Alzheimer’s Association Advocates for Research Monies and The Hope Act

Last week, I wrote a post about my experience attending the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum event in Washington, D.C. The forum takes place annually and this year brought 1,100 people to our nation’s capitol to advocate on behalf of Alzheimer’s. The 2015 forum goal was twofold. ...more

Alzheimer Association Washington, D.C. Forum

Last month I went to Washington,...more