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Another Disastrous Date?

What would you do if your date pulled up in a jalopy like this, wearing his finest threadbare duds, squinting through coke bottle lenses and wheezing like there's no tomorrow? OK, this might be a slight exaggeration.  But what if he walked up to you at at Starbucks fifty pounds heavier than you expected?  (He said he was a few pounds overweight but this wasn't what you had pictured)....more

Anything Goes... almost!

Dating websites and merry-go-rounds have a lot in common. It all has to do with going around in circles, reaching for the gold ring and coming up empty handed, but having a ball in the process. Take yesterday for example, I woke up dateless. It’s spring in Florida and a spectacular day; breezy blue sky, windows wide open, Pandora playing all my favorite tunes, cleaning rag in hand and my computer purring. Can a computer purr, you may wonder. Well, mine did yesterday. I received email after email, brief correspondences with at least five men and wound up with two dates!...more