Merguez & Pastrami

The most interesting neighborhood right now in...more

Cold Toast

The French are known for their fine cuisine. Their lavish lunches and sumptuous dinners are legendary. But breakfast, or le petit déjeuner, might seem to get...more

Panna Cotta recipe

Panna cotta is incredibly easy to make, and if it takes you more than five minutes to put it together, you’re taking too long!...more


It’s been a hectic year and I haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like to, in spite of a long list of places I’m trying to visit in Paris, and a more I plan to check out this fall. Early in the summer, I reserved a table at Fulgurances, intrigued by the food of Israeli chef Tamir Nahmias, former executive chef at Frenchie. His cuisine is infused with the flavors of the Middle East; tahini, pickles, lot of tomatoes and eggplant, long-cooked meats, and a generous hand with fresh herbs ....more

Giant Gougeres

Every summer, we head to Burgundy to visit French friends who live abroad, but who return for the summer. They quickly get reacquainted with the more leisurely lifestyle in the French countryside, which include enjoying Chablis and visiting the small town markets. Because we’re such top-notch guests, pitching on with the cooking and making sure their pool gets used,...more

Tinos, Greece

Tinos isn’t one of those Greek islands that you hear a lot about. It doesn’t have exciting nightlife, like neighboring Mykonos, and while the weather is warm, the winds can be a bit fierce....more

Soupe au pistou

One of the great French dishes that I make every summer, when I gather fresh vegetables and basil...more

Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream recipe

When I was finalizing the recipes in The Perfect Scoop,...more