Selkie Nature

I am a Selkie, a changeling woman. You may capture me, but I will always long for something, Something cold and salty and feral. I will stay for loyalty, for my half selkie children Until I can bear it no more and slip my seal skin back on and slide back into the dark sea ....more

Industrial Park

Lost Discarded Abandoned Forsaken Tangled Broken ...more


My blood has begun to feel like molasses. Thick and viscous, it pumps through my body while simultaneously clogging the works. I feel like a human in slow motion with every movement a monumental effort, only to have my body stop mid action....more

meditative lull

So, um, Hi.How is it going? It's been a little while, eh?But here's the thing: I have conversations with you all the time in my head. Honestly ....more


"I don't care to raise a child with or be married to you any longer", he said. Calmly."Ok", I responded and walked out of the room.Sometimes there isn't anything else to say ....more

Self Defensive

Last Fall, Emily and I took a self defense class.The origins of how we came to be in a room with a handful of other women, learning to punch, kick, shout and fight our way out of a physical attack seems ludicrous in hindsight ( she promised her father that he could pick some exercise activity if she could adopt a cat and he chose THAT), yet there we were.As an adult woman, I am no stranger to threats or instances of gendered violence. I've had boyfriends push me ...more

One Month Later

I think about the blog. I think about all of you out there. It's just that sometimes I get so distracted, or sad, or exhausted, or lonely to do anything but think it in my head.The winter malaise has continued ....more

Spring Brake

While Spring break has come and gone at my school, Spring is being temperamental and avoidant. I nearly cried to see the snow again this morning. I am a strong woman and don't generally complain about weather during the season in which it is expected, but I am being worn thin by this never-ending cold.I have bought daffodils for my office to console me ....more

Spoiler! - No, I can't.

This Friday I had an appointment with my wax professional.I like her well enough - she's no Rosa and not even Polly, but hey, I'm in Wisconsin. I'm just happy to find someone who is willing to do a Brazilian wax.You relationship with someone who does your wax should be...friendly. ...more

Agents of change

A few weeks ago I assigned a webinar being hosted by NAEYC as an assignment for my students in my Administration of early childhood programs classes. The topic of the webinar was leadership and I thought it was a timely way to start moving into the overall topic of what it means to lead a program.Yes, we get to budgeting and staffing patterns, but fundamentally I view this as an advocacy course. I take them through how parents apply for child care assistance, how child care and ECE is funded in the United States, quality rating scales and accreditation ....more