Narcissistic tantrum , deconstructed

I have been waiting for it.The angry outburst from my mother, the recriminations that I did not behave in the way she expected me to behave.It's the pattern, of course.My aunt killed herself in February. I mourn. Everyday.When I talked to my aunt's husband in February, I asked him if *he* wanted a memorial service ....more

Two weeks ago

My beloved Aunt Judy committed suicide.I am not angry, because I feel too deeply what she may have felt.It seems she was very ill, advanced breast cancer, and no one knew. Not even her husband who found her in their back yard once her task was complete knew. ...more

Papilio Machaon

Once a week, I change my sheets. When I do this, I sprinkle lavender oil over the new sheets and pillowcases. For several days afterwards I sleep in a field of French lavender ....more

Invisibility = White

Originally published 2/2006. This was part of my Master's thesis on Anti-Bias Curriculum. However, it was also a declaration of myself as a Social Justice Ally....more

So, I unwittingly started this thing... my worry that I am going to get sacked ( and not in the "sexy" way) meaning all of the dire predictions of Terrance finally come true (i.e. "Your smart ass mouth is going to get you fired, Dawn!")I am so very proud and pleased by my other lady Ph.D. commenters.Fight the patriarchy, ladies ....more

Rebel in Training

I opt my kid out of standardized testing.Yep. You can, you know. Did you know? ...more

Can you pass that dish of oppression?

It is no secret that my politics are.....quite left. I...more

end of summer

Last sundress of the season. And snazzy clear blue frames ....more


While I haven't been here, I have been here.Busy with a new school year, all of my energy is focused outward to students and Emily.This is good. I am better when busy. I am happy when I am busy, even when that exhausts me in other ways.Many things don't change, for despite my fearlessness in many aspects of my life I remain a creature who needs stability.I change my sheets every Saturday and sprinkle lavender oil over them ....more

Selkie Nature

I am a Selkie, a changeling woman. You may capture me, but I will always long for something, Something cold and salty and feral. I will stay for loyalty, for my half selkie children Until I can bear it no more and slip my seal skin back on and slide back into the dark sea ....more