Discovering Your Passionate Purpose

Passion will always move you in the direction of your authentic self. ~Danielle LaPorte ...more

Spiritual Assignments

We all have a  H.I.N.G.E. of love.Our H.I.N.G.E is our Higher Intuitive Nurturing Guiding Expression that always guides us towards choosing LOVE over FEAR and encourages us to turn our backs on the EGO-mind....more

SMART growing in 2013

Have you decided what you want to achieve this year? Have you got things that you started in 2012 but need to finish them? Or maybe you want to head in a whole new direction. Take some time to really think about your goals you want to achieve this year. I’m not a huge fan of the word ‘goals’ but I am a immense fan of the word “Standards”. Why? ‘Standards’ set a whole New Height for making your dreams a reality, ‘Goals’ imply something way off in the future, perhaps unattainable....more