I'm Not Perfect And I Love It.

It’s official. I’m over it. I’m done with trying to be “perfect”. (Not that I was ever near making it to perfect, anyway).But I am done with apologizing for my imperfections, my humanness. Done with trying to hide the couple pounds I might have gained, done with trying to keep the house as neat as a pin, done with feeling that I’m not good enough....more

The Love Connection or the Fear Channel

Dawn Davis  I stumbled upon this old card that my daughter made for me when she was about four years old and just learning to write and spell. It read, "To Mommy, Form (spelling from), Love, Julia". Amazingly, when I re-read this same cherished card this week, it read quite differently: "To Mommy. Form Love. Julia". The message to form love, to create love, was there all along, yet I hadn't seen it.A powerful message from my now-almost teenager from her little girl days....more


Drop off at school. Walk the kiddos to their cubbies. Lunches packed, kisses for the day. So far, so good. Stroll outside, chatting with a good friend, and stop next to my parked car. That's when things shift from pretty typical morning to pretty WHAT?!! I watch as the dude parked in front of me backs up and gives my car a real good bump....more