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The Queen's Sons

Week 11: Ultrasound

Week 9: Blood

No Poo

It feels to me like holistic living is a deep and slippery slope. One day your buying all organic, investigating labels, hunting out GMO's (genetically modified organism "foods"). You want to feed yourself and your family the best you can. Then your inspecting your non-stick pots and pans with a sudden sense of panic. Debating switching them to copper or something more eco friendly. Your drinking filtered water. but is your water clean enough? Perhaps a new whole house reverse osmosis filtering system might be in order....more
haha.. you said 1 T water to 1 C of baking soda.... lol !! wow!more

Becoming Mother

As I sit in our black Ford Escape. babies buckled into their car seats in the back. driving to Charlie's school. (obviously not while I write this, otherwise I would be the ultimate multitasker. Take THAT texting while driving, I'm blogging while driving, the next degree of automotive irresponsibility. MuwHa). Listening to Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo radio show and whatever top 40 pop tune they play that morning. I begin to wonder. When exactly did I turn into my mother?...more

Where Have I been?

Where have I been? An excellent question. I know I haven't been as actively posting this month and the query got me thinking. Where have I been? Things seemed pretty standard and when I pondered. Initially I could not come up with any special or pressing reason which would have been occupying all of my time. and then it hit me. Eating. I have been eating. Oh and cooking, prepping and shopping for food. No I am not training to become a professional eater. Kobayashi can safely stay retired without any threat to his legacy from me....more

Are You Mom Enough?

By now you have probably heard about or viewed the latest cover of Time magazine with the bold tagline "Are You Mom Enough" which not only presents an article on attachment parenting but has lit a supposed fire within the "mommy wars."Why is this cover story news? I have a few ideas....more

Why I Relay

You might have noticed on my blog a new badge which states "I am a Proud Supporter of Relay For Life; American Cancer Society." In June the women in my mommy group and I will be participating in The American Cancer Societies Relay for Life here in our city. We are hoping to collectively raise as much as we can towards aiding this organization and their mission....more

The Breastfeeding Room

The other day we decided to take a family trip here in New Jersey to the Liberty State Science Center. My opinion of which is that it is somewhat overpriced for what it has to offer but the money does go to a good cause and I am more than happy to contribute to education in it's many forms. So we are no worse for the wear. But this post isn't about that....more