What to do when you outgrow your blog name?

Way back in June of 2006, I found myself surprisingly pregnant with my 3rd child.  I'd been blogging under a psuedonym for about 18 months and knew that as much of a great stress release as blogging was, I'd need a new blog to blog about this new chapter in my life.  Baby # 3....more

Each time I moved, I lost readers. (And when I was in the BlogHer office last week, Jen (not ...more

How we 5 live on 1 paycheck

10 Ways that I live (realistically) frugally ...more

Great article overall. It's nice to see someone showing how it's still possible for a family ...more

Boston, here I come!

Nervous & excited, excited & nervous.  I'm betting that I'm not the only one who is feeling these feelings today.  In 2 days, I'll be loading up 3 kids, 1 hub, 1 overnight bag, a handful of shiny new business cards and myself in the car and heading to my very first blogging conference!  ...more

Reach-out Boston 08

Hi there,   I'm registered for Boston. I am looking for people who would like to carpool with me from New Hampshire on Friday evening, and stay through Sunday morning.  I'm also hoping to find someone who'd like to split the cost of double queen room w/me.  I'm actually looking to stay nearby ($140/night is just too much, sorry). Please contact me at dawniemom at gmail. com if this is something you'd like to do. I promise, I am not a psycho :)  (ok, most of the time, anyway)    Dawn/Dawniemom http://twitter.com/dawniemom ...more