A Mile In Jane Austen's Shoes

I’m at a critical place in the novel process. Critical is a bit dramatic actually. It’s more of a necessary place. My third draft is in the hands of readers and I await their feedback. Sharing your stuff with others is called workshopping in the writing world. It is usually one of the biggest worries for aspiring writers. Your first workshopping experiences can really mess your head up and leave you frozen in fear if they’re not managed well. ...more

Weekend Warrior

Since I’ve been back to work my attitude toward the weekend has changed. I look forward to them, but always seem to feel like I’ve failed myself by the end of one. Finding the right balance between the needed fun and function of the time is tricky and not yet something I’ve mastered. Although the more people I talk to, the more I suspect no one has succeeded at making the most out of their weekend. But I sure have come close this Labor Day holiday. All it took was the one extra day to re-calibrate my attitude and efforts. ...more

The Bunny Hop

I spotted a few bunnies over the weekend. I like to fold laundry while watching E! News. The big hype this week is for the premiere of Pamela Anderson’s new reality show Pam:Girl on the Loose. Given Pam’s famous assets, the title offers many connotations. The watercooler talk between my writer friends and I of late has centered on creating a distinct look to our websites and blogs. It’s hard to stand out in any business these days. While the internet is a great tool, with so much competition, how you “look” online can make a big difference. That’s where branding comes in. ...more

Another Opening- Another No

I opened an email response today regarding a fiction submission I sent in May to an online magazine. No. ...more

I am a two-month veteran. Yeah me! It's been a wonderful experience so far. Forget six ...more

Into the Minds of Babes

You never know what your children are going to say out loud at any given moment.  ...more

Our kids are always listening, even when we are on the phone and they seem to be occupied by ...more