Counting my Blessings

My younger daughter is sick.  Nothing major, probably just something viral.  She started out with a fever which I treated with fluids, rest, and cool wash cloths.  I'm overly cautious about using fever reducing medicines now because of the number of recalls that have happened since I became a parent.  The last recall made up my mind that I would not use such products unless absolutely necessary.  I am careful about what I put into my children's bodies, but I am not negligent about it.  On Saturday, a friend of mine used my house to host a jewelry party....more

All I can say is thank God!

The latest cocktail of meds I have been put on seems to be working!  For two years now I have been hoping and praying for the energy and lack of pain required to be the kind of mommy I want to be.  I have no clue how safe these prescriptions are for me, especially in combination, but the last two days have been amazing.  I have been catching up on housework like crazy AND running around playing with my kids outside.  The television has been off for most of these two days....more

I love hosting parties...

but fibromyalgia certainly makes those parties difficult to prepare for.  Perhaps I am overly anal, but I LOVE to do everything myself.  For my birthday party this year, I did the inviting, I cooked (from scratch) tacos and pintos and cheese.  I threw together some cheese ball mixes, various appetizers and spent a week making sure there was enough ice made.  Yet, I needed help.  My family had to contribute side dishes, I couldn't handle the pre-party cleaning, could barely touch the post party cleaning, and barely had myself ready in time!...more

Finally moving on

For the longest time I have wondered what on Earth is wrong with me.  Too tired to go out with friends, too tired to play outside with my children.  Too much pain to make breakfast.  In February 2009, I herniated a disc in my neck.  Not really a big deal, it happens to people all of the time.  Once the tests came back, my doctor immediately put my on narcotics.  Low level ones, but not the lowest dosage.  Several months later, and again for no apparent reason, I herniated another disc, several vertebrae down....more


Despite the many curve balls life has thrown our way in the last couple of years, particularly this year, my husband and I are contemplating having another child.  It is a big decision given my physical issues, but that is not what I am concerned about today.  Today I am reminded of the first time we decided to try for a baby and the long, painful journey that ensued.  I am reminded of the babies we lost along the way back in 2003 and the heart wrenching experiences each time I received the dreadful news....more

I am completely new to this site and it has been years since I have blogged. I need to go off ...more