Hawt Chocolate Custard

Although I’ve heard of Cinepolis in passing here and there for some time now. It really hadn’t caught my eye until just recently when one of my co-workers posted an Instagram pic of an Iced Mexican Mocha which him and his wife procured during their last visit to said establishment while going to watch The Expendables 3. Not only did he rave about the Ice Mexican Mocha, he also mentioned the fact that he and his wife never go without ordering some of their gourmet popcorn ....more

Cherry Hazelnut Tart

So perhaps cherry season is pretty much over according to the almanac… I seriously have my doubts though, since grocery stores here in Southern California keep taunting me with 2 lb. bags of reasonably priced gorgeous looking cherries. Being a sucker for a good deal this weekend I couldn’t resist so I caved in and picked up one of these said two pound bags of cherries and proceeded to whip up this tart to share with you ....more

Extra Dirty Vodka Martini

Monday I shared with you this easy to make Father’s Day ice cream cake for all the sweet toothed dads. So for today’s cocktail I chose to skip the typical sweet/dessert inspired cocktail and prepared for you my favorite savory cocktail, which I’m sure most dad will also enjoy. Extra Dirty Vodka Martini ...more

Easy Father’s Day Ice Cream Cake

For all of us moms who have super tight schedules and are swamped with work, I came up with the perfect dessert to serve the amazing father’s of our children. Since I haven’t met a soul yet who didn’t have an appreciation for a little Ben & Jerry’s, I figured I could totally get away with this. We are talking a layer of Chubby Hubby and a layer of Peanut Butter Cup snuggled between two layers of vanilla bean cake frosted with a little talenti Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream which is then topped with an entire bottle of chocolate fudge magic shell ....more

Lost In Translation Cocktail

I know the movie “Lost in Translation” was released way back in 2003. But, it was just last week that I actually got to watch it for the very first time. I’ve been meaning to watch it since my trip to Japan but just hadn’t had a chance to ....more

Birthday Coconut Cake

So my second born turned 18 this past Saturday, seems like only yesterday when I saw him run around the house holding his Buzz Lightyear making swoooosh noises. Today he is now an adult, a high school graduate, and in October; October 10th to be specific he will be shipped out to Marine Corps boot camp. I’m extreamly proud of all he’s accomplished thus far and can only expect wonderful things of him in the future ....more

Peach Mint Julep

I am sharing this exquisite cocktail with you today thanks to my dearest friend Cindy AKA the best hostess ever! She invited us over for dinner a week or two ago and had a pitcher of it ready to go, seriously no more than a minute had passed since we arrived at her house and we were holding a glass of this very refreshing peach mint julep in our hands. Love her! ...more

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheesecake

Well sadly the weekend has come and gone… To cheer us up a little and help us get through the remainder of the week, I made us breakfast, lunch, and dessert for the rest of the week. I’m pretty sure this PB&J Cheesecake will satisfy any of the aforementioned meal times. Enjoy! ...more

Peach Crumble Martini

This Friday we are sticking to Monday’s theme, AKA Peach Crumble. This particular crumble however, happens to be of the liquid version. We are mixing up some flavored vodka, a tiny bit of liqueurs and voila licquid fruit crumbel! ...more

Peach Blueberry Crumble

This past week I got to enjoy some really warm summer-like days (my fave). As it started to cool off this weekend I thought why not bake something inspired by summer? So, that’s exactly what I did ....more