Not Your Average PowderPuffs

There's a longstanding joke amongst my friends that I'm the President of The Mob Society - Mothers Of Boys.I have three. Ten, eight, and not-quite-two, they all have two speeds, a hundred miles an hour and full stop when they crash....more

Part Two of: My Crappy Parenting < Your Crappy Parenting

I'm standing by for the inevitable shitstorm this will create, but regardless:Part II of: My Crappy Parenting < Your Crappy Parenting...more

Fat Girls Wear Sweatpants Too

I don't know if anyone else has paid much attention to this, but seems like lately some media chatter has surfaced about clothiers getting picky about who wears their clothes....more

Why the "Legitimate Rape" Comment Didn't Offend Me

I make a very concerted effort to not get too twisted around the axle about political issues.  It's not my main discussion point generally because I have (and want to keep) so many of my friends who sit firmly on both sides of whatever fence is built for the week. This is not to say I don't have my opinions about a lot of issues, and I do point out and support and vocalize about some of them in a more personal way.  I'm just not at a point in my life where I can expend a big effort protesting and lobbying and launching letter-writing campaigns.  I have friends who are...more

Grandpa's In The Ground Now

81 days.Around the time I posted "Giving Up Grandpa" I let my close friends and family in on an estimate: I figured that within 3 months of moving out of our house that my Dad would be either in the hospital, in a nursing home, or in the ground.It took 84 days to get him in the ground when his care was no longer in my control.  81 days for him to take his last struggling breath and 3 more to bury him.  I've never wanted less to say "I told you so".The past couple w...more

Pretending to Be Homeless...Just for the Fun of It

There are some things that most people are clearly on one side or the other about:Chocolate or vanillaShower or bathPro-life or pro-choiceUnderwire or soft cupBikinis or briefsPaper book or KindleAngelina or JenniferandCamping....more

Giving Up Grandpa

I will soon have to change the "about me" section of my blog.  The thing that half defined my existence is changing, morphing, moving on. My mother, who unfortunately seems to be exhibiting more and more of those genetic symptoms of dementia that claimed my grandmother's soul has dropped a proverbial bomb on us.  I knew that having her and my dad under one roof gave us the best chance at fending off their spending any of their la...more

Nobody Likes A Quitter, Mr. Senator

Finally!  Idaho is starting to get some recognition in the political arena.  We're moving up and beyond potatoes and skin-head fame with our own politicians' headlong diving into the swirling germ-infested hot tub that is coming to be almost comically (sadly) expected of them. I was beginning to worry that New Jersey was going to hog the spotlight forever. Yesterday, our very own Senator McGee resigned his position amid rumors of a sexual h...more

I Heard, "He Looks Just Like You"

Motherhood brought about words that I’d never heard before. The obvious was that I was even going to be a mother. After a round of laparoscopic surgery to remove pockets of painful endometriosis and scar tissue, my doctor thoughtfully advised that if I thought I ever wanted to have children I’d better get on it. It would likely take me “at least two years to get pregnant.” Her words fell heavily on my heart, since I’d just finally found my Prince Charming among all the toads, and he was amazing with his nephews...more
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