What I Learned About Pregnancy (Without Being Pregnant): Part 1

 Don’t complain about how horrible/untimely/wasn’t meant to be, your pregnancy is or was.For many women, more than you might expect – they are trying to conceive and it may not be going well* and when you tell these women how unfortunate you are to be preggo, it hurts. It kills a little bit of their faith. Because the hope that they hold on to – more than the percentages of successful Clomid use, the temperature taking, and the planned sex – is that someone above has a plan and it will happen when it is supposed to happen....more

Homemade {All Natural} Dog Treats

Yes, we even try to treat our pups in a healthy way.Because store bought dog treats have chemicals and preservatives in them (and are also expensive) I have started making my own....more

Can You Get 5 Meals and Lots of Chicken Stock Out of 2 Chickens? Yes You Can

I have had some friends ask me about how I make my homemade chicken stock, so I thought I would share it with you all today. I will warn you it is a lengthy post! First, I make chicken stock because we prefer to use organic chicken and chicken stock in our home. Yes, organic chicken is much more expensive but in our house we believe that eating organic is important to our health (we are not overzealous about it, just try to stick with organic as much as possible). ...more
@KarenLynnn It cures what ails you ;)more

Squash Bisque

 Butternut Squash Bisque ...more

No Knead Bread

No Knead Rustic Bread  – The goodness of homemade bread without the upper body workout of kneading....more

Homemade Sriracha

Do you have extreamely large quanities of peppers in your garden this year?  We did - a crazy amount! After we canned all the salsa we could eat in a year and dried all that we would use in chili and things we were still left with pounds of red hot peppers.   So my hubby and I decided we would try canning homemade sriracha (rooster sauce) with all of our extra hot peppers.  And it turned out pretty perfect. ...more
Nice, Jalapenoes freeze nicely. I run thru the food processor, press and freeze flat in ...more

What are Heirloom Tomatoes (and why are they so expensive)?

When working at the Farmer’s Market I am often asked “What are heirloom tomatoes?”  My first response is always “Delicious”....more

Making Date Art

Creating Subway Inspired ‘Date Art’ Using Word...more

Tips For Making Your Wedding Invitations

After making my own wedding invitations there were a few things that I wish I would have known first, so I thought I would share them and hopefully spare others from wasting time and money like I did....more

Up-cycling A Meaningful Card

Getting things on the wall always makes such a big change in a room!...more