Life Dying and Death

Sad day today. My biological father Harry Harvey passed away (hopefully) in his sleep around 4 o'clock this morning. My so-called "step"-brother John was there with him when he died. At least he wasn't alone....more

Love, love, love online college!

I have to brag a little about how I'm doing in my online college. Every so often I go into the report section to see how my grades are against my classmates. So far I am getting 100% in every section from participation to journal entries and the like. I've been 'in class' for four (4) weeks now and am enjoying most of it.However, there is a part of it I do not like and probably never will. It's reading my classmates posts and figuring out how to respond to at least two (2) of them for four (4) days, plus answer the discussion questions (known as DQs)....more

HOORAY! I finally get to start attending college online starting Monday, May 23rd!

So, I finally have my list of courses for my first year of my four year college. My first two courses are UNV103 and UNV104 - they are - in order: University Success - 5/23 - 7/11 (an online course designed to help me succeed in my journey to my degree) and 21st Century Skills - Communication and Information Literacy - 7/11 - 8/28.Each course is 8 weeks long and worth 4 credits each. I take one course at a time so I don't feel overwhelmed and I have an entire week to work on my assignment which is due on Sunday by midnight Arizona time....more

Going back to school online - Psychology/Sociology

I finally paid off what I owe to the previous college I had been attending a couple of years ago and it's feel so wonderful to have that burden lifted off of my shoulders.I am busy getting all of my ducks in a row, doing my FAFSA application, and contacting the college tomorrow to find out if what I owe them can just be added to my upcoming loans/grants or if I have to pay it off first, and completing my FAFSA application, getting it sent in and talking to an academic advisor to figure out how I go about obtaining the exact degree I want....more

My how things have changed!

I haven't been on here in a long time and now that I only have today and tomorrow left of my spring break, I'm rather sad that I didn't come on here sooner. Reading through my first two posts I have to update everyone and let you know that I'm no longer going to school (haven't in quite some time = sad), I'm still working (but may not be after May - YAY!?), and have come around to a different way of thinking about pro-life vs. pro-choice....more

Starting online courses to become a K-8 Teacher

This is my first time going to college, online, that is and I'm nervous, excited, anxious, hmmm...scared! And those are normal feelings to have when starting your continued education, I've been told. It's been years (25 to be exact) since I was last in a college classroom and I have to say, I'm glad I can do it online instead! I work full time as an ELL-IA (English Language Learning Instructional Assistant) and its been wonderful helping students learn to read. ...more


Is there any other female out there that is not outraged by the current presidental candidate (McCain) stating he is pro-life and thinks that pro-life and pro-choice are the same thing? Just this morning I heard an exerpt from Sen. John McCain on August 22, 1999 stating some blather about not repealing the Roe v. Wade decision at that time because it would cause women to go out and get illegal abortions that could possibly kill them. Why does the government think its any of their business what I do with my body? ...more