Resilience Rooted in a Senate Fail

It somehow seemed fitting that it was pouring rain in DC this morning. It felt like the tears of the country mourning the painful vote that took place in the Senate yesterday.There is no doubt this week has been rough. I’m one of those people who feels so deeply that I’m sometimes challenged to let go of what I hear on the news. I internalize what happens to others. I empathize to the point of feeling overwhelmed by grief. Over the past few days, I’ve been wrecked by the destructive intentions of a very sick person in Boston....more

An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading Women

An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading WomenDear Mrs. Romney,I’ve got a story for you....more
very well put! A sigh of relief or women's rights.more

Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

Although breastfeeding is natural, the early days are not always a cakewalk. “It just didn’t work out,” some moms say, or “I didn’t have enough milk.” When you consider that breast milk is the best possible food for newborns, the numbers are stunning: only about 15 percent of US moms achieve the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. Why? Breastfeeding is not right for all women. But often, mothers just don’t know what to expect, when to seek help -- or where. ...more
The biggest thing that reassured me to keep going was that breastfeeding is painful in the ...more