The Future is Coming and I'm Not Ready

As of this morning at 9am, I only have one child in elementary school.  This person up there, this uniquely amazing individual has left elementary school behind....more

Addiction, Cory Monteith and Me

The passing of Cory Monteith has left me rattled. I am not a fan in the sense that I followed his career or life but I have watched Glee since the beginning.This news was especially difficult to hear because it came on the heels of the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. I was absolutely appalled that he was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin....more
@Miss Pancakes Thank you very much for reading and commenting. (Sorry for my delay in replying ...more

Extreme Couponing: Lessons in What Not to Do

Tonight on TLC there was a special called “Extreme Couponing.” Did you watch it? I have been an avid coupon clipper for years. When I first started, I just used them at the store whenever I bought the item. I didn’t pay attention to sales, I didn’t match them up to take advantage of deals. I was pretty clueless. And then a couple of years ago, I came across a website that told me when to use my coupons and when to save them. They did the work for me. I began to buy multiple newspapers so that I could get multiple products when the deal was good....more

What Not to Do: Lesson 1

Warning: What ever you do, do not end up like me. There is a pit in my stomach right now that I won’t be able to shake for weeks. Why? Well in the next 24 hours I am going to have nearly $250 deducted from my checking account and it currently holds $135. It’s too late to cancel any of the payments as they are all “in processing” already. I can only sit here and watch my account dip into the negative. I will not be receiving any money until the 7th of November and at that time, I will be in the hole. More than likely I will have NSF charges tacked onto my account....more

The Circle of Debt: How the Poor Get Poorer

If you are financially stable with an emergency fund in place and credit cards paid off, you’ll be able to face expenses that arise without worry. If you are in debt or lacking in an emergency fund, extra expenses mean more than just extra money spent. When you are financially poor and are facing an expense that you can not afford your life becomes more difficult. Stress, worry, anxiety and depression become a daily occurrence for you....more

Tipping in Our Economy: Ideas needed I was dumb. I am broke. I'm learning, took me long  So I'm sitting in my room in the Fairfield Inn. The kids and I are spending the week here while the kitchen, plumbing, electricity and bathroom all have work done on them this week. The kids and I have deemed it, "Our HomeTel." It's a 2-3 star hotel, nothing fancy. We got a very discounted rate through a friends & family program....more