Power Off Weekend II WOOHOO!!

An Amazing weekend I participated in last December is having another round and this time I'm determined to let as many people as I can know about it! The Power Off Weekend is organised by Malcolm Handoll from the Orkney Islands, who along with his wife, does his best to live as ecologically as possible. The idea behind the weekend is to turn off your electric (11pm on a Friday ) and leave it off until 11pm on the Sunday. A whole 48 hrs without TV, internet, radio, lights, fridge, electric cookers and heaters....what will you do? ...more

In 2001 I did this, although admittedly not by choice. We had a massive snowstorm that ...more

Well actually..we kinda do....

I am a vegan. Well I'm a lot of things but its one of the many tags I've attached to myself over the years. Now I am normally the easy going vegan. I'm not the sort to explain in graphic detail the life and death of your chicken sandwich over lunch. Nor will I refuse to eat with meat eaters, criticise their eating habits or push my own beliefs on others. Until today...... ...more

A couple of years ago:


A note from Fatty

So this is Fatty. No letter today because I have been thinking things through. I have found a peace in writing to myself and in reading the comments from all of you. BlogHer is one of the most welcoming places I have found online. Full of support and wisdom. I'm not ashamed of Fatty. But now I want to "come out" as me. ...more

Again, the support here is fantastic :)


Is it your flab or your brain ...more

Fatty meets an old friend.

Dearest Fatty, There's someone else in this little manage et trois we havent talked about yet isn't there. I know your embarrassed and its a relationship filled with loathing and and fear. You feel love and hate depending on how your being treated but its not anyone else's fault is it?  The BATHROOM SCALES. (du du DUUUUUUUUUH!) ...more

Fatty Ponders feminisim.

      Dearest Fatty, Its a conundrum isn’t it. Trying to find the line between loosing weight and feeling happy in your skin. A feeling that you aren’t allowed to be a card carrying feminist and still want to slimmer, as though the desire is frivolous and to admit you want to look better is a sin along the lines of wearing a corset under your 1950’s prom style dress while your red lips grimace through the pain. ...more

You're absolutely right. It's not that I want to be skinny, I want to be me and I'm not ...more

Hiding behind something won't make you disappear Fatty.

Dearest Fatty, Its hard to feel like your not part of "the gang" isn't it. You have often used groups, tribes and movements of people to hide your problems behind, but its never quite worked out well has it. You became vegetarian and dropped weight in your teens, but piled it all back on within a year. You became vegan and again lost weight (yes yes I KNOW its not the reason you became Vegan..can I continue?), but that didn't last long either. ...more

Before we went vegan I took my kids off the school lunches and made them pack lunches instead ...more

Gourmet Fatty.

Dearest Fatty, Your dinner parties are amazing. You know this I know this, your guests know this. I see you sitting at the table and smiling while your guests gush about the meal you've made and pile their plates for seconds and ask for recipes. I also know you can't understand why you have slim friends who can eat two (or like Saturday, even THREE) helpings, plus wine PLUS dessert and yet they are not fat. You eat your meal and really one helping was enough. ...more

I don't have children so I don't have any reason to have candy in the house - other than it's ...more

Fatty takes charge.

Dearest Fatty, Today I am proud of you. Today you stood up for yourself. For breakfast this morning you cooked up eggs and seeded rolls for you and your husband to enjoy a late (10am) breakfast. The you worked hard all morning spring cleaning until around 1pm when your husband poked his head around the door. "You Making any lunch?" He asks. Now Mr Fatty is not. ...more

Please keep at it. Today you've made me mist up a bit as I read these sitting in my cubicle. ...more

Food and other Fatty addictions.

Dearest Fatty, It seems strange to have corresponded with you a few times now but to have still avoided the major issue. ...more

I will agree that a lot of people are uncomfortable with admitting to certain things (LOL at ...more

Fatty faces upto the mirror.

Dearest Fatty, Today you went clothes shopping. Normally you wouldn't, I know this because I always come with you and understand what a trial this can be. In normal conditions you would have just gone straight to the jogging pants isle and grabbed the biggest size but this time you had to be brave and go to the dress isle. ...more

...For one thing I think my husband might section me..you know..eating meals with the ...more