Does Sex Get Better After a Baby? (Video)

Dear Diary,My entire life I was taught to get married first and have sex second. Obviously, that didn't play out. Nonetheless, I always associated sex with guilt. I felt guilty for committing a sin and for fornicating with someone who wasn't my husband. I felt like I somehow blocked my blessings in life, because I wasn't following my mom's instructions or God's for that matter. Although I do believe sex is meant for certain situations, I carried a sense of shame, like I was a failure because I couldn't abstain as long as I had hoped....more
Now 9 years after baby #2.  No longer married and I will say after 40 it was a better sense of ...more

Tips to Develop Spirituality

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Milk Boosting Lactation Smoothie Recipe


21 Questions to Ask Your Preschooler

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VIDEO: Best Books for Babies and Toddlers

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Where Can I Buy African American Dolls?

Disclosure: Diary of a First Time Mom teamed up with the following toymakers to create a list of top African-American dolls. We received dolls for the review and to donate to Family Resources' Therapeutic  Parents and Children's Center. This post includes some affiliate links. ...more
Great List! Ikuzi Dolls are also beautiful black dolls for our girls of color. Please add to ...more

Best Ways to Treat Eczema

Dear Diary, Over your lifetime, you probably walked to raise money and raise awareness for cancer, lupus, MS, or epilepsy. But have you tied up your sneakers for eczema? Although the ailment is far from deadly, and I wouldn’t dare compare it to a devastating disease, eczema doesn’t have a cure. And for the first time, a charity walk was held in North Carolina to try to find one. ...more

FREE MOM PRINTABLE: 6 Things Every Mom Should Say Everyday

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When Moms Need Therapy

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Video: Do Doctors Care if You Shave?

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