Maybe Playboy is Right

So I have been thinking recently, why does it seem wrong to "friend" people on Myspace that I do not know in real life but it does not feel wrong to "follow" people ion twitter that I do not know at all. What is the difference? ...more

Maybe he already knows

Why not call the whole thing off? That is what Senator McCain thinks anyway. This does not make any sense to me, is it good to show the American people that when we are in a crisis he will call off all his public engagements and close himself behind locked doors and "work on a plan" honestly shouldn't he have been working on a plan for years now. If he had been then we would have this problem now so instead of getting on Television and letting all of us know how he would fix it so we can decide to vote for or against him he decides to try and call the whole thing off? ...more

It's a government wait it's a blog

Has anyone else noticed that the website for the Office of Governor in Alaska looks more like a blog than a government website? When you first arrive at the site and give it a glace it does look like any other government site but just take a moment to really you see it? ...more

New in New Orleans

Hi, My name is Rayna and I live in New Orleans though we travel a lot.  I am planning to attend the New Orleans Blogher Reach Out tour convention so I hope there is still space next friday when I can afford to buy my ticket. I am a 27 year old stay at home mom who loves her son but hates being stuck at the house all day.  I love to write and to travel maybe one day I could turn that into something that brings money into the house, we'll see.   I hope to meet people and learn more about making the most out of my blogs.   ...more

Lindsay Lohan talks about Sarah Palin, and why not?

Ok some people would say that quoting Lindsay Lohan on my blog would not skyrocket me to respectability among the readers in the blogosphere and most definitely not among the self absorbed egocentrics who tote themselves "serious writers" but to that I say get over it. ...more