The Evolution of Parenting

I wrote my first guest post!The post was about how I evolved as  The Kid’s parent. Since the post was about us, I asked him to read it....more

Painted Tee

The Hero says I have a problem with leaving things the way they are. Maybe. Or maybe I see a plain tee as a blank slate waiting to be turned into a new masterpiece. ...more

Cheesecake Brownie Layer Cake

I really don’t know what to call this. I envisioned a layer cake, but when I started making it, I realized that a fudgy brownie and a rich cheesecake with a layer of fudge frosting in the middle probably shouldn’t be 5″ high....more

Biscuit Lasagna

I get a lot of my food inspiration from other bloggers. At one time, I subscribed to 20+ blogs, most of which posted daily. Talk about email overload. After a much-needed weeding out, I’m now down to about 10 which is a manageable amount....more
I want this right now!more

Mango Kale Donuts

Yes, I know. The title doesn’t entice you to run to your kitchen to bake donuts. Trust me though. You’ll be glad you did....more

Kale Crisps