You Are Your Own Gatekeeper

"The days of relying on a gatekeeper to hand you a golden ticket are over." Gala Darling. ...more

Middle Age Women and Entertainment

Lately I have been noticing a trend. I can't find much I want to watch on television or at the movies. I think it is because I have hit that magical age (44) when television and movies producers no longer care about me as a demographic. It has been my habit to go to the movies about every two weeks. In the past there has always been more movies to see than I could fit into my schedule and budget. That is not the case anymore. Not only is there next to nothing I want to see, but even on that short list there is next to nothing that mirrors my experience....more

What Is Real self Love?

Last night I was working on my new "Self Love Academy" class. The speaker was Karlyn Percil. At one point in the video she talked about real self-love. She discussed expressing self-love by going to get your nails done. She spoke about how easy it can be to fall into just doing nice things for yourself and calling it self-love. Sure those things matter but they are not all self-love is....more