Do The Right Thing

There have been several examples this week, both in my personal life and from stories I have seen in the news and online, examples of situations where people had the opportunity to do the right thing.Some of them chose to do the right thing.Others chose poorly.If you really think about it though, in life we're almost constantly presented with opportunities to make ethical choices. Some of them are small and insignificant in the overall scheme of things. Some of them are persistent choices we're faced with and maybe we are comfortable fudging them because we've just always done it that way ....more

Dear Voters: This Is Not A Drinking Game

The first Presidential debate of 2016 is tonight.I'm not entirely sure that the word debate is really going to adequately describe what is about to happen, though.Mostly, there will be a lot of rambling and interrupting and promises to "Make America Great Again" from one side. The other will, I hope, be the voice of reason that dares not to slip up even one time because we all know damned well that if she does, she'll be eaten alive by the internet and the media, after being ripped to shreds for what she's wearing, her tone and how tired she looks, of course.One candidate can literally say nothing truthful and his followers shout louder. They don't care about facts or lies, they just like what he says.The other displays even the tiniest bit of inconsistency and she's condemned for being a liar.(Among other things...)I saw my first TRUMP THAT BITCH bumper sticker this past weekend.I've seen them online, wanting to believe that they weren't real stickers, that they were just memes created by bored trolls online with nothing better to do than start fights with strangers.Nope.It's totally a real thing.The fact that it was slapped onto the back of a brand new Porsche??? ...more


I haven't been writing much of late.Some of my absence is just a by-product of homeschooling and working and having a toddler and living in my car for huge chunks of time each day shuttling kids to and fro.Some of my absence is absolutely intended.Deliberate.I'm angry a lot. I'm far more often disappointed.God, I'm starting to sound like the parent of a teenager...except the target of my most frequent anger and disappointment isn't my children (don't get me wrong, it is sometimes), but instead society. People I've known in some capacity or another who've revealed themselves to be someone I'm utterly disgusted in.The thing about this election is that it isn't just about political ideology ....more

To the one who is growing up faster...

It's your birthday tomorrow.Everyone in the house will make more of a fuss over you than they already do, and you'll drink in every ounce of attention more than you already do.It's hard to believe that there was ever a time when you weren't here. Though you're still so fresh and new, you've always been here, a part of this family.I certainly didn't think we'd ever meet, you and I. I longed for the day that I'd have one last chance to do it all over again, but there was a part of me that let go of the hope that it would ever happen.A bigger part held on to the hope ....more

I chortled when I read this piece about feminism and dating....

I am sick. Not like super sick or anything, just dealing with some bizarre virus that mostly involves body aches and horrendous swings in temperature.Consequently, I didn't do much this past weekend aside from read things online.One of them made me laugh out loud. Heartily.HEARTILY.I laughed because it was so completely fucking ridiculous.I laughed because I have known men like the writer, both in real life and (abundantly) online ....more

The Walking and the Self Loathing

I don't do change well. I've written about this topic only about a million times. Here ....more

I did some things...

In an attempt to be hip and current and all those things I am supposed to try to be now that I am almost forty, I decided to revamp the ol' blog.I am such a dinosaur that I was still using an original Blogger template from before they did a huge update a few years ago. The one where you have to actually select the option to use the old code.Yep, that's me.Voluntarily staying in the dark ages.I had a decorative template from another website that I'd used for basically the entire 7 1/2 years I've been blogging. It was more "me" 7 years ago ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the #mylifeisnotforprofit edition

Hellllllooo. It's been a week already and it's only Tuesday. My inner rage could have something to do with the fact that I've been accused of being a racist several times since the weekend.Possibly.Fiction can be fun, ladies and gentlemen! ...more

Removal Anniversary Day is Coming

My bebe will be two in a few weeks.I'm rather in denial about it.I have never been one to wish away the infancy of my kids, least of all with him. My last.We've been working on teaching him how to make a two with his tiny little chubby fingers for a while now, and he's just about got it down.Even if I'm not particularly ready for him to be another year older, he is.We have this family tradition here where we make a video of the kids singing Happy Birthday to whoever we can't sing to in person. Many of our family members and close friends live far away, so there tend to be a lot of singing videos.The baby has started to sort-of sing along with the older kids.One time, totally jokingly, The Oldest mentioned that we shouldn't sing Happy Birthday...more

The tooth fairy, no longer.

I always knew that this day would come.I have.Knowing doesn't make it easier.Not much about grief is ever made better by advance notice, though. I've learned that one more than a few times.There was, of course, a part of me wholly in denial about it all. A part of me that believed that things would always stay the way they were, that the experiences of my children would be similar enough to keep it going.They weren't.I knew they wouldn't be, but I allowed a part of myself to believe it anyway.My father, gone over five years now, was the Tooth Fairy ....more