How Does It Feel?

Either last week or the one before, my middle son sat down and nonchalantly asked me a question that no one has ever asked before.How does it feel to have both of my parents dead?To say that I was unprepared for such a question would be an understatement. It hit me firmly in the gut and left me momentarily speechless.I forget sometimes how literal children his age can be. They ask the questions they ask not for any motivation other than pure curiosity ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the it's September so everyone needs money edition

Salutations, September.August was pretty much 31 days of suck. Expensive suck. For whatever reason a whole lot of stuff went wrong last month and it's costing us a damn fortune, so now that August is over, things should get better, right?Well ....more

The journey to marriage equality

Earlier this week was the 95th anniversary of the day women gained the right to vote in this country. I saw many people sharing links about the date, the significance of it all, and I couldn't help but laugh at the tagline Facebook attached to the story. "Happy Women's Equality Day!"I wouldn't go that far.It's not as though finally being given the right to vote automatically conferred equality then - after all we had to be "given" that right by men and women of color were in many places stopped from exercising their rights fully for several decades to follow ....more

In pursuit of there

It is often said that life isn't about the destination, but is instead about the journey required to get there, wherever there is. That all assumes that a place called "there" exists.I know that my vision of there has changed dramatically over the years, altered irrevocably by the very journey I believed myself to be on in order to get there.I've never arrived.You have to wonder though what happens in the event someone ever ends up exactly where intended to someday, or at least these are the things I wonder about. What happens when and if the life train pulls into that station? ...more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the holy hell I'm getting old edition

Hey. I probably don't have much time because the battery on the laptop is slowly dying and the baby has been asleep for just over two hours. But, for the love, I need to get some of this stuff out of my brain.* Aging GracefullySure, it's great in theory until more and more people in your house approach and/or surpass your height and can tell you when it's time to dye your hair again ....more

Making Peace With the Girl in the Mirror

The post below was one that I wrote over a year and a half ago. It's been sitting, unpublished, in my draft folder ever since. I couldn't bring myself to hit the publish button then, for whatever reason ....more

Before you go to school this year, 2015 edition

To The Oldest, Good lord, what happened? No, seriously though, how did you get to be this old? It seems like it was just last year that I put you on the bus the first day of kindergarten and followed it to school just to make sure you were fine (you were) ....more

To The One Who Runs Everywhere He Goes

Dear Little Boy,The countdown is almost over. The days you've been crossing off on the whiteboard this week have almost run out. Tomorrow morning you'll wake up and magically you'll be a seven year old instead of a six year old.I'm sure that you'll tell me that you feel older and taller and bigger and stronger ....more

20 Questions To Ask Your Kids This Year

I have done a few different things like this over the years, little surveys with the kids. Some focused on them, some focused on their perceptions of the world around them. Every time I do this, I'm taken aback by some of their answers.I'm hoping to take them out for a photo shoot today since we haven't done one in a while ....more

What this old mom would tell the new parents as school begins

Hey, Mom. Hi, Dad.I see you.I'm the one hanging back, clinging to the little piece of shade that I staked out years ago. I've been here for a while now, some days it seems like I've been here forever.Maybe because I have been here forever ....more