Ben Franklin and the War on Christmas

I had intended to write about at least a couple quotes this week and just didn't get the chance. I came across this one by Ben Franklin and it said so much in so few words."How many observe Christ's birthday! How few, his precepts!"Masterful.I have to wonder what he'd say if he was here observing our society today, not just about Christmas, but about so much.I am fairly certain that he'd scoff at the alleged war on Christmas, that he'd laugh it off as yet another manufactured battle created for television ratings ....more

The Nation Loses its Fearless Leader

The very last episode ever of The Colbert Report will air tonight. Stephen Colbert will be taking over for David Letterman on The Late Show next year. Although he will still be a nightly presence on television, it just won't be the same ....more

All I Want For Christmas Is This Stuff...

It's time for my annual Christmas list.Because I'm five.This is a thing around here, and if you're so inclined, you can read the lists from prior years here:20132012201120102009Holy cow, is this really the sixth year I have done this?!?! Anyway, sorry that I'm writing this so late this year. Usually I try to get it done in time so that it could actually be of real use to people who want to get me something....not that most of the things I ever wish for are things...1. I want the people who live in my house to do things without me having to become a nag ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - The FFS edition

Maybe it's a good thing that this year is almost over. Maybe it's a good thing because next year is 2015, the year we were promised hoverboards in Back to the Future. While hoverboards may not fix any of the things wrong with the world, they would be a fabulous distraction.Wait.Back to the Future isn't real.Dammit ....more

A Luxurious Grief

Earlier this week, I was scanning my newsfeed on Facebook while I was trapped beneath a softly snoring infant. I came across a blog post shared by a friend, one that discussed the new Reese Witherspoon film Wild in a way that I hadn't considered.I've heard buzz about the movie, for sure, though far too much of it seems to be banter for the shallow surface dwellers of the world. Discussions about whether or not she was wearing makeup during filming and whether that was something to be considered brave ....more

I wish I had that. Instead, I have guilt. A Guest Post from Anonymous.

Today's post is a special one, and I hope that you'll all see what I mean. This person asked me to write about this topic, and I turned it right around on them. You do it, I said ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Thursday - torture, fracking, diabetes and Nick Jonas. What???

I know, I know, I know. It's Thursday.Normally, this is a Tuesday thing, the ranting and the raging and all that. I've been busy ....more

When you get it...

Every so often, I'll realize that something I haven't watched in a very long time but have always loved is running on Netflix.Last week, we introduced the kids to Stand By Me this way. That was a coming of age film that first was released when I wasn't much different in age than my kids are now. I was prepared for my experience with it to be a little bit different as a parent than it was back when I was the one watching it for the first time.Aside from the bit about how he was a writer, it wasn't.That part though, oh, did it resonate with me.As Netflix is so ingeniously programmed to do, it began to show me movies that I might be interested in because I had recently watched Stand By Me ....more

30 Days of Quotes about Life - Rose Kennedy

Up today in the quote series is one that I was asked to write about. This quote came to me from someone that I've only ever met online, but have come to know and love as a friend. It's a good one, for sure.Incidentally, if there is a quote that you'd like me to write about in this series, please send me an email to

Suicide, Mental Health and Parenting Teenagers

I try the very best that I can to remember what it was like to be a teenager as I am raising my own. I had a hellish time in middle school, I loathed drama all the way to my core. High school wasn't much better ....more