30 Days of Quotes About Life - Bob Marley

Hi there. Welcome to the newest series around the Hive. This time around, I'll be writing about quotes that interest me and those that I'm asked to write about ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the broken internet edition

The sleep deprivation is starting to really take hold, and I'm having a hard time getting riled up about much these days....more

Parenting, with a side of anxiety

Last week, I put my son on a public bus. Alone. At night.Clearly this wasn't my idea.He was to take the bus all the way down to Denver and meet his father at the bus station in downtown for the Black Keys concert ....more

Jerry Seinfeld, The Spectrum and Light Bulb Moments in Adulthood

Much has been said about the interview Jerry Seinfeld gave this past week where he revealed that he's pretty sure he is on the spectrum. As is often the case online, opinions have run from one end to another. Some people are bent out of shape that he appears to have diagnosed himself, some think his self diagnosis makes sense ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the Judgy McJudgerson edition

Hi. I'll warn you in advance that I'm in a mood today. One of those moods where I really just need to avoid looking at my fb newsfeed because I'm virtually certain that it will be filled with more things that will just piss me off.I'm sitting here in the dark with my coffee, listening to the baby swing creak back and forth, the washing machine spin ....more

Anxiety, PTSD and PPD Potpourri

I have anxiety. Always have, for as long as I have had a conscious memory about life. I worry about things that most people never even think about ....more

The Hole

I like it here, in my hole.I like it too much.There are no people here, aside from the small human dependent on me for all his needs. I don't need to put on pants. I don't need to shower ....more

My Inner Critic, a Guest Post from Mome

I'm thrilled to be sharing another guest post from mome with you all today. Rather soon after the last post went live, she asked me if I'd be interested in running another piece. Without a moment of hesitation, I said yes ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday, the election edition

Elections. Blargh.The upside to today is that regardless of the outcome, the ads will stop for now at least. It appears that there will be a fairly dramatic swing of the pendulum with this cycle and the Republicans will gain control of the Senate.Ah, midterm elections ....more

And I exhaled

For some reason that remains a mystery, I went back and read through some of my old posts from three years ago this month.November has always been and will probably forever remain emotionally charged for me. I've had some trials and tribulations these past five years or so, and for whatever reason a lot of it went down in November.This month holds a few days that I dread the approach of, a holiday that has always been a bittersweet one, my father's birthday, which overlaps with that bittersweet holiday this year and one day on the calendar filled with the painful irony of one of the hardest moments of my life.November 14th. To most people, it's just a day on the calendar that comes and goes without significance.To some of us, it's a day prompting awareness campaigns about a disease that affects us or someone we love ....more