The things I learned in my first year as a band mom...

More than anything else, parenting has taught me that I really don't know much. I might be pretty good by this point at dealing with newborns and toddlers, with handling the general things facing parents of elementary school aged kids. I can help friends navigate all kinds of conditions and situations with their younger kids, sure.This is my first time around as the parent of a teenager, though, and it's a whole different ballgame.Sort of.In a lot of ways, more than I realized until I was here, parenting teenagers isn't actually all that different than dealing with much younger kids.They get whiny when they are tired.They will eat you out of house and home.They have wicked growth spurts.They absolutely still play with their friends.They need naps and snacks.They aren't always able to tell you what they need.Communication can be difficult.There are tantrums.Sometimes they want you to go away, but most of the time they want you around ....more

Springtime and the living's easy....sort of. sometimes. okay not really.

It's so weird how cyclical I am. It's as though the individual cells in my body can anticipate things before my brain starts to figure it all out.I get edgy this time of year.There are reasons, so goddamn many of them.Yeah, so this post will likely have a lot of the swears. You've been warned.I was reminded of one of them this morning by my Timehop app ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the suck a bottle cap edition

Hi. I don't have much time today because I have to leave in a bit to pick Little Boy up from school. He fell off of the couch weird over the weekend and hurt his foot ....more

To The One Most Like Me...

Though it isn't technically your birthday yet, you've already declared that you are celebrating birthday week from now on, so I guess it's okay for me to write this a little bit early. You've always been a fan of early.You'll be 10 years old in a few days. 10 ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the oh SNAP edition

It's one of those no-holds barred weeks around here. I'm telling people how I really feel, so you might want to duck.Just kidding.Maybe.Off we go. P!nk and shaming the shamersYou know....this whole story pisses me off ....more

You know they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions....

Why do our feelings make other people so uncomfortable?Why can't other people just respect that we are entitled to feel however we feel about the things that happen in our lives?Obviously, I don't have the answer to either one of those questions, but they have been frustrating me tremendously of late.It seems like anytime someone expresses their emotions about something, whether in a blog post or a Facebook status or a tweet these days, someone has to come along and try and tell them that they are wrong.Their feelings aren't justified.It can't possibly be that bad.You're being overly dramatic.You're just wrong.Here's the thing, people of the universe...none of us gets to dictate how someone else feels. We don't. We just don't.None of us has ever walked in the shoes another person wears ....more

On being ahead of the curve...

For what seems like forever, I've tended to be the first one in my group of friends to hit all the major milestones in life.Ironic, considering that I am generally the youngest of them.I was the first to get married, the first to have kids. The first to deal with a serious illness, the first to buy a house, the first to move halfway across the country, the first to lose a parent.The first to lose both parents.I've lamented this fact time and time again, I'm tired of being first.Not that I'd wish any of these life changes on the people I love most, no. It isn't that at all.It's just that there are times I tire of being the first one down the path ....more

Close Your Eyes and Write - Starry Knight Word Slayers (of awesomeness) (okay, I added that last part)

Oh, you guys. I love the woman who is writing for you all today so much. So, so, so much ....more

Talking About The Hard Stuff With Teenagers (Secret Tacos Help)

I am working on writing this parenting book, and this is one of the topics that people have asked me to write about the most frequently.I won't claim to be an expert at this teenage parenting stuff, especially given that I'm in the earlier stages of it, but I've found already that my general approach to parenting seems to be paying off so far.That, and the wonder of secret tacos.Secret tacos is not some code phrase. I really mean secret tacos, as in sometimes after school I take the older two to get secret tacos before we pick up the rest of the kids. Shhhh ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the oopsie daisy edition

Hey look! It's Tuesday and I'm actually writing this on the correct day! Don't get used to this, people ....more