Lentil & Baby Kale Soup

Although it has been quite warm here in Florida the past few weeks, I have been craving a bowl of bean and vegetable soup. Soup is usually considered a cold weather dish, but I enjoy soup year round, and so this week I simmered a big pot of lentil and baby kale soup. This hearty [...] ...more

Review of The Pasta Box from Hamptons Lane

There is nothing I enjoy more than trying out new artisan kitchen gadgets or unique food items, so when Hamptons Lane contacted me to see if I would like to review their pasta box, of course I said yes! Hamptons Lane is a company that specializes in putting together unique gift boxes that are sent [...] ...more

Spelt Blood Orange Snack Cake

I often bake when we are in Umbria, Italy for our farmhouse guests, but I rarely bake much when we are stateside. My husband and I are not dessert eaters, so unless I have family visiting, or I am entertaining guests, I rarely get the urge to bake a cake. I have been thoroughly enjoying [...] ...more

Brussels Sprouts Pizza With Guanciale & Kalamata Olives

I seem to be on a Brussels sprouts kick recently, using them in pasta with salty guanciale, shredded in a salad with grated Pecorino cheese and walnuts, or as a side dish roasted with crumbled Italian sausage. In Italy where vegetables are much more seasonal in their availability, they are usually available only in the [...] ...more

Pizza Rustica

Food plays a very important part in Italian holiday celebrations, and Easter in particular has many famous recipes associated with it. Pizza Rustica, also called Easter Pie, Pizza Ripiena, Torta Pasqualina, or Pizzachino is basically a rich quiche type of filling completely enclosed in a buttery pastry. This dish celebrates both Easter, as well the [...] ...more

Crescia ~ Umbrian Easter Cheese Bread

Crescia is a traditional Umbrian bread loaded with cheese that is typically made every Easter although I have found this bread sold year round though in many bread shops and even some of our local grocery stores. Although I have bought it often, ...more

Italian Easter Recipes

Easter is a very important holiday in Italy, and like most Italian holidays it revolves around both the church and holiday food specialties. Easter in Italy is a Christian based holiday, which begins on Palm Sunday, and culminates the following week on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday also known as Pasquetta, or Little Easter, is also [...] ...more

Shredded Brussels Sprouts With Pecorino Cheese & Walnuts

I try and create a veggie salad every day to enjoy for lunch, or as a dinner side dish. There are so many vegetables that are delicious eaten raw in salads apart from the usual lettuce mix, that I find I can create a new salad every day and rarely repeat the same salad twice [...] ...more

Pasta with Hearty Vegetable “Bolognese”

There is nothing as satisfying as a slow cooked meat sauce or ragu served on top of a plate of pasta. This sauce, often called Bolognese sauce originated from Bologna, Italy, and is commonly served over tagliatelle or pappardelle pasta, or is layered between silken fresh pasta sheets in lasagne. A true Bolognese begins with [...] ...more

Orecchiette With Broccoli Rabe, Tomatoes, & Anchovy Breadcrumbs

If I ask my husband what pasta dish he would like for dinner, I can just about guarantee that he’ll ask for orecchiette with greens. This is a typical southern Italian dish that we often enjoy, although I may vary the ingredients depending on what is seasonally available, or what I have on hand. Orecchiette [...] ...more