"For Your Age"

I’ve never had a problem with aging.  I believed that beauty, both external and internal, was universal and so why should age change that fact. I believed the term “for your age” was not complimentary and should be banned from all conversations unless in discussions with a precocious toddler....more

"The Strut": Cross a Room with Confidence

Want to know why women travel in packs? Imagine sitting in a crowded pub, surrounded by hustling, nice-looking servers, tables full of young women dressed to the nines, young 20-something men threaded throughout the action, watching every movement of the nearest attractive female.  Now substitute any social situation for this scenario, populate it with any group of people, and mix in whatever age you like....more

Faking Orgasms

Most women have faked an orgasm at one time or another in their life.  Let’s face it, sometimes it becomes necessary to wrap up a sexual encounter in a manner that doesn’t require hours of explanation as to why your vagina is not in the mood.  Since most men seem to require the reassurance of their partner’s orgasm as proof that they are good lovers, there are times when sex becomes a race to a finish line, with the jockey whipping the horse faster and faster until both parties just want to turn the TV on and see if there are any good reruns of CSI. ...more
A well said point of view. I don't agree, however. I think it sets up a cycle of doubt. But I ...more

As the last cookie calls me.

Ask any woman about the concept of self-acceptance, and she’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.  It is a topic that is covered by every talk show host, every woman’s magazine and blog site.  We have been told to reject negative self-talk, use positive affirmations on a daily basis, and avoid comparing ourselves to anyone else. ...more

Why Should My Sex Life Take A 'Pause'?

My boyfriend's birthday was a little while ago, and I decided that it would be fun to see if my local Sex Store had anything that might be entertaining or interesting, mostly because I didn't want to give him the usual shirt or cologne.  The underlying internal message was, as always, maybe there will be something that will also interest me.  ...more
i had a complete hysterectomy a year ago today - and my sex life has never been better!good luck ...more

A "Swinging" Good Time

“Swinging” has always been one of those topics discussed in hushed voices.  Hunched over the corner table in Starbucks, eyes in constant motion while you scan all directions to make sure no one is paying too much attention.  The conversation becomes punctuated by code words, emphatically emphasized and accompanied by the requisite widening of the eyes to make certain your companion clearly understands the meaning.But maybe this choice isn’t as taboo as it once was. ...more

The Ghosts of Sex Past

I was thinking last night that if it wasn't for a very specific period of time in my life, I probably wouldn't be on such a search to reclaim my desire for sex.  If I wasn't comparing what was with what is, I would probably just accept that desire and sexual excitement wan as you age and that is just the way it works. C'est la vie. Let me explain:...more

Sexual Options...A Totally New Thought

 I thought long and hard about how honest I wanted to be about this journey I'm on.  But before I even began, I promised myself I wouldn't hide anything.  Even when sharing, makes me feel exposed and vunerable, I'm going to take the risk and put it out there.  ...more

Guilt and Life....I Should Do Better

Are we raised, programmed, conditioned to feel guilty...no matter what we do?  I've been paying attention to how often I have to fight against feeling bad about something I've done, a choice I've made, or just because I'm not "present in the moment" enough.  Thanks, almost entirely to that icon of talk show hosts, Madam O, being present in the moment has become the goal.  We must strive to be present, every moment, every day.  Lord, I'm exhausted even thinking about it. ...more

Peering through Porn

In an attempt to interest my sex drive in any activity, I've been checking out a variety of sexual options.  Including porn.  Porn has always been a very mood specific interest for me.  In the past, there are times when I found it arousing and a great tool for increasing sexual interest.  Other times...it's just something that seems plain silly.  ...more
Everyone is different, just don't over stress out yourself. Relax and enjoy is the key. Cheers!more