I’m supposed to be happy right now. After more than nine months of intensive chemotherapy treatments, my 12-year-old daughter is nearly done and the end that had loomed so far ahead as to seem unreachable for so long is finally almost upon us. I should be ecstatic, jumping for joy, more than ready to resume our ‘normal’ lives again ....more

Six Months in

On January 22nd of this year, an IV dripped toxic chemicals into my daughter’s body for the first time. Chemicals that are necessary to stop any more spread of her cancer, but which ironically could cause additional cancers in her themselves. Or damage her heart ....more

Join the Boston Marathon #JimmyFundWalk to help raise money for cancer! #ad

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Six months ago, I had never heard of the Jimmy Fund ....more

Help Walmart and Pampers Support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

This post is sponsored by Walmart and Pampers through Coyne PR. As always, all opinions stated here are 100% my own or those of my family. This year has truly been a challenging one for my family – in ways we never anticipated ....more

New eBook from OnStar helps kids learn what to do in car emergencies #KeepingKidsSafe #sponsored

This is a sponsored post for SheBuysCars on behalf of OnStar. As always, all opinions stated here are 100% either my own or those of my family. It’s something most of us do every day – multiple times – and yet we very rarely think about the risks ....more

3 Tips to Help Older Bedwetters #ConquerBedwetting #sponsored

This is a sponsored post for Acorn. However, al opinions stated here are 100% my own or those of my family, as always. Potty training is probably one of the biggest challenges that parents will face – at least in the early years ....more

Super fangirl

It all started with Abbi. In fifth grade, she went on a field trip to the local movie theater and one of the film choices (with parent permission) was The Avengers. Abbi chose it as the lesser of two evils and has been hooked ever since ....more

From Disney to DeVos…

This week will be a study in contrasts, in more ways than one. I’ve spent the past 6 days in Orlando, Florida on a solo trip to the TravelingMom 2015 #TMOMDisney retreat. It’s an annual chance to learn, grow, network and enjoy the time away from home ....more

Parenting a Tween… with cancer

The terrible 2’s? No problem, got that down. The toddler and preschool years weren’t fun at times, but little ones can be manipulated into doing just about anything and if you’re really good, they even get excited about it too ....more

Reflections from the hospital

I feel like 2015 is going by in a blur so far. Two months ago today our world as we knew it completely changed, when we heard the words, “there was something of concern on her CT scan.” Surgery, then the dreaded phrase, recurrence of tumor. One month ago today our ‘new’ normal began as Hannah was admitted for her first round of chemotherapy ....more