21 Delicious Artisan Style Peanut Butter Blends

21 Delicious Artisan-Style Peanut Butter Blends ...more

Rethink Ramen

Rethink Ramen    I love me a good, hot bowl – I not only slur...more

Resourceful Ways to Score Free or Cheap Books

Resourceful Ways to Score Free or Cheap Books I love to read. My bookshelf shows my love for life and literature, and at any given point, I am usually immersed in three simultaneous titles (one while waiting for kids to get out of school, one before bed, and one that’s uplifting, be it spiritual, self-help or health-related.) Once I’ve read a book however, I have a hard time parting with the $20 title. But I have found numerous ways to obtain free or cheap books: Hold a Bookswap
This is a fantastic way to regularly get free books....more

Get Ready: It's Target's Big Toy Clearance!

It’s Coming: Target’s Big Toy Clearance!  I  love Target. It’s one of the happiest places on earth next to Disneyland. Did you know Target ‘resets’ their toy departments twice a year? This happens in January and again in July. When they do, they clear all current inventory to make way for new products....more