'Ghostbusters' Gives the Patriarchy a Proton-Fueled Kick in the Nuts

The audience around me seemed to love the 3D viewing of Ghostbusters as much as I did. The tweens may not have caught all of the delightful '80s pop culture references and cameos, but that's okay. The reboot was delightfully comedic,  full of ectoplasmtastic effects and buoyed by a focus on female friendship and general badassery.  Best of all, it asserted that women can indeed bust ghosts (duh!), and we also can support each other in fighting for our dreams and against the patriarchy in all of its earthly and supernatural forms. ...more
Love this post! I loved the movie and had been waiting with baited breath for some time. It was ...more

The Best Podcast of the Summer is '2 Dope Queens'

Listening to podcasts may be the new summer reading. Perfect for easy consumption from beach chairs, poolside or creating a personal-bubble-via-earphones in a busy house, a smart list of podcasts can be one of the coolest staycations you offer yourself this season. ...more

'Orange Is the New Black' New Season Takes Torture to Eleven

Spoilers ahead for season 4. ...more
debontherocks TheRoot BlogHer I had no idea the writing room looked like that. Dumb me to assume ...more

Revel In the Beauty and Brilliance of LGBTQ Television and Cinema

Now, more than ever, I need to revel in stories centered on LGBTQ people. I need to explore love, loss and life through that lens. I need the balm of our art. I need to see men kissing men and women kissing women, because that's what people do when they are drawn to the magic of another, and because it's every-day true and radical at the same time. I need to understand more about what is universal about families, love affairs, politics and people, and I need to understand more about what is particularly challenging about living queer lives in hetero-normative, oppressive cultures. ...more

'Lady Dynamite' Soars with Earnest, Surreal Comedy

I watched Lady Dynamite, Maria Bamford's new comedy series streaming on Netflix, in something that wasn't quite a binge. I looped through it, sliding forward through it in an echo of our lead's hypomania, then circling back to re-watch scenes, episodes or bits. Sometimes I was so delighted I needed to re-visit an offering (the visual gags are aces, the guest star list will blow your mind), and sometimes I was utterly confused at the surreal notes and structure breaks (wait, was that the pug talking, why yes, it was). ...more

Melissa Ford's Writing Interactive Fiction for Twine

Twine is software used to construct interactive and non-linear stories. Remember falling in love with "Choose Your Own Adventure" books and text-based adventure video games?  That thrilling way a choice would open an entire new corridor of narrative — or would shockingly dead-end or send you back to the beginning to sculpt a new outcome? Twine is an easy-to-you open source software that allows authors to craft this type of story or game and then instantly publish via HTML without writing any code. ...more
Let me know if you have any questions as you guys get started!  I love making stories with my kids.more

Mourning the Loss of Prince When We Counted On Immortality

This one is viscerally painful, but nearly impossible to process. How can the immortal die? And yet, Prince has been confirmed dead at 57, and my generation is reaching across text and tweet and message to comfort each other, because we know, we know, this loss is more than can be captured in traditional obituaries.  Image: © PA Wire via ZUMA Press ...more
Yep, I cried for days. He reminded me of my late brother first (he died at 49) and then it is ...more

Let's Build Tiny Houses for Our Busted American Dreams

My favorite Trader Joe's cashier and I, like the rest of North America, are obsessed with Tiny House shows.  We were talking about how you can repurpose the plastic tubs from cookies, and after we invoked the magical word "storage" things naturally flowed to Tiny House Nation.  "Don't you adore Zack?!??!?!" he said. "I LOVE ZACK!" I shouted.  ...more
I love Tint House Nation. And I really LOVE Zach!!!more

'The Americans' and the Particular Pain of the Parentified Teen

This season of The Americans belongs to Paige, the elder child of our complex and conniving spy couple.  The Jennings were outed, but not through subterfuge by the Soviets and not through their own misdeeds or missteps on missions. Philip and Elizabeth are being brought down by the messy machinations of teen-aged Paige who rebelled by attending church where she sought the counsel of Pastor Tim. "They're not....Americans," she sobbed as she betrayed them while seeking help for herself.  ...more

How 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' Is About Today in 4 Crucial Ways

The first season of FX's American Crime Story gets the 90's right: the hair, the clothes, the omnipresent National Enquirer. It seems to get most of the O.J. Simpson trial events and players right, too. But even more than that, the deep success of this 10-episode focus on the 1995 trial is that it shines a light on today's issues by framing the Simpson trial as a crucible of four of our most pressing social concerns.   Image: FX ...more
This show is actually fairly decent. Much more interesting than days of trial that included 200 ...more