The Perfect Harmony of the 'Mad Men' Finale

The Mad Men finale felt absolutely perfect to me: uneven, repetitive, gorgeous, tedious, predictable, rich, rewarding, infuriating, full of visual puzzles and Easter eggs (or more specifically, Halloween pumpkins), and buoyed by exquisitely-crafted narrative. Most importantly, it was true to the universe of characters it has given us.  It even ended with a sickly sweet, iconic commercial that evoked both nostalgia and revulsion at the same time. Perfectly Mad Men. ...more
Thank you for this deconstruction, Deb! What an amazing interpretation and so eloquently ...more

Dealing with the WTF of 'Grey's Anatomy' Grief

The problem with recovering from the grief of a death of a major character in a Shondaland show is that you have many, many emotions to calm. Sadness and the pain of loss, of course.  The ache of nostalgia overtakes you in the inevitable cascade of flashback scenes. You've known this character for years! ...more
Omgoodness's a tv show!more

Which TV Daughter Has It Worse: Paige Jennings, Sally Draper or VEEP's Catherine Meyer?

What a tough season for daughters on television. The young women on some of the best television shows are delivering nuanced performances as they confront the corruptions and miserable failings of their parents. It is both cathartic and brutal to watch. ...more
I had the exact same thought this week. First I thought how relieved I am for Sally that she's ...more

'Mad Men' is Back and Death is a Ghost Draped in Fur

Mad Men is back with the long-awaited, final seven episodes of this meditative series, and death is around every corner. Don has always had a weakness for ghosts and brunettes who remind him of the women of his childhood, and "Severance" was as stuffed with both as L'eggs eggs are stuffed with scratchy pantyhose.   This new episode cycled us back to season one, where Don memorably told Rachel Katz: What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons. ...more
Thanks for sharing and I hope you will share more great stuff in the future.more

What's Your 'Lip Sync Battle' Song?

I am all about a life that includes Lip Sync Battle. Jimmy Fallon's new show on SPIKE is a nugget of perfection and salvation for the karaoke weary. Fallon took one of the most popular segments from The Tonight Show and stretched it to fit a show of its own. Both the bit and the show function as factories for viral Internet content of the best kind: a few minutes of your favorite celebrity hamming it up to a catchy tune. Lucky, lucky us.  ...more

Sex and the Single Mother: 'Mysteries of Laura' Writers Talk About Humor and Complexity in Women's Lives

In a recent Mysteries of Laura episode, Debra Messing's character throws herself together with a magazine perfume sample wipe down after sending her twin boys off to school by reminding them that farting doesn't count as show-and-tell.  She greets Tony — she's dating again post-divorce — for a rushed morning rendezvous in her kitchen, because they can't get their schedules to align otherwise. Laura is ready for action, but of course she's interrupted: first by carpool, and then by homicide. ...more

Gale Anne Hurd Invites Community Support to Create New Documentary Celebrating Wilma Mankiller

Gale Anne Hurd is making a movie about Wilma Mankiller, and she's inviting contributors to join the supportive community required to launch it. The Hollywood industry leader and executive producer of The Walking Dead, who spoke at BlogHer '13, is working with director and producer Valerie Red-Horse to produce MANKILLER. This important documentary will celebrate an important figure who, despite earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is relatively unknown. ...more
GunnerGale your so talented to be the executive producer of the walking dead! Well done :)more

Is Television Trying to Tell Us Marriage Sucks?

Marriage is terrible. As a restrictive, patriarchal construct, and as enacted in today's western cultures, marriage is the worst thing you can do to your own agency, to your children and to the person you love. Absolutely soul killing and damaging for all involved. At least that is the message about marriage many of this year's best television shows have been toying with, to great effect.  ...more
Totally agree. I mean, I don't think there is a single marriage on Grey's Anatomy that hasn't ...more

Julianne, Patricia, Meryl, Oprah, Julie and the Triumph of Women and Age at the 2015 Oscars

In an industry that promotes irreparably broken standards that equate women's beauty and power with youth, a very welcome and unofficial celebration of women over 40 emerged during this year's Academy Awards ceremony. In a night full of meaningful moments, #AskHerMore was the red carpet theme, age was on everyone's mind, and grown-up women stole the show. ...more
It's a slow change. I'm confident, though, that by the time my daughters are 40-something ...more

25 Things You Can Do Instead of Seeing '50 Shades of Grey'

The best thing about the opening weekend of the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey is that soon the frenzy over 50 will be behind us. Whether you love it, or love to hate it, or are just plain bored by it, no one can deny the ubiquity of this wacky Twilight fan fiction turned bestselling erotic trilogy.   ...more
I refuse to read this article because of the title but sincerely hope "have a life" is on the ...more