Easy Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Bored with being a generic devil, cat or ubiquitous Freudian Slip again this year? I know you are. A costume drawn from pop culture hits all the marks, because it lets you find your tribe of fellow fans and lets you enter a universe you love without the long term commitment of cosplay community forums. Also, pop culture costumes are typically pretty easy to pull off. ...more
I love this post! Smelly Mellie made me giggle.more

New Pew Research Confirms the Worst About Online Harassment

A new study from Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life confirms the worst news about online harassment. It is pervasive, endemic, and disproportionately levied against women. What we have done so far to deal with it isn't helping. As horrible as these findings are, do they offer ways to help safeguard ourselves, to be better Internet citizens, or to change the onslaught of harassment and danger? ...more
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Best New Books to Read This Fall

So Pumpkin Spice Latte has become the contemporary North American symbol for autumn, has it? Well, that's all fine and good: I love a good PSL as much as the next person, and fall is the best season of all. But why does the story stop there? After you buy or brew a PSL, fall doesn't stop there. What do you do next, when you have your beloved PSL in hand?  You have three options: rake leaves, find your way out of a corn maze, or read. The first two sound hard and boring after you Instagram one good shot. ...more
When the heck do you guys have time to read???  I work F/T, exercise daily, and have social ...more

I Can't Trust John Grisham After Hearing Him Defend Pedophiles, Can You?

John Grisham : former attorney, best-selling author, apologist for sex offenders who watch child porn. Grisham recently gave an interview to The Telegraph discussing the U.S. legal system, including what he sees as harsh punishments against men who "got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn." ...more
Ms. Wanda and South Asian men.more

Ben Affleck Ruined 'Gone Girl' by Being Himself

Ben Affleck is why we can't have horrible, fiendish things. He's just impossibly Ben Affleck-y, Hollywood handsome on the red carpet with Jennifer Garner, a known humanitarian, a dad who got himself sober—he's ridiculously accomplished but so affable he seems almost incompetent. He's almost unhateable. He's no one's favorite, but he just keeps showing up, looking good, being nice, and throwing it down—he's Ben Affleck, after all. He carried Gone Girl, the faithful film adaptation of the complicated Gillian Flynn bestseller, with ease, because of course he can. ...more
I read the book, as soon as I heard he was cast as nick I felt they couldn't have picked a ...more

5 Must-Follow Celebrities with Blogs

Stars, they're just like us—especially the ones with blogs. My favorite celebrity blogs give behind-the-scenes peeks into the work of making movies, music or television through storytelling and candid shots while also showing the author's interests, writing style and sense of humor. Plus when I read the blog of a celebrity who truly seems to love the platform, I feel closer to her because I know she is one of us. Follow these bloggers who also happen to be megawatt celebrities. ...more
I would read all except for Beyonce's. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I just don't see the point ...more

Wednesday Night on NBC is Mom Cop Night

NBC has programmed a night featuring kickass women cops, and I'm all in. Debra Messing's new show The Mysteries of Laura premieres next week in the first primetime slot of the night, perfectly schedule to lead into Law & Order: SVU where Mariska Hargitay will be holding it down again in Season 16 starting next week. The night is closed out by Chicago P.D, which also will be premiering its new season next Wednesday. Tonight NBC will air a preview episode of Laurain the last slot of the night. ...more
Watched the pilot for 'Laura...' and loved it. Tone puts me in mind of humor/drama of shows like ...more

Tig Notaro's "Boyish Girl Interrupted" Tour Kicks Off This Month

Comedian (and BlogHer '14 keynote speaker!) Tig Notaro announces her Boyish Girl Interrupted tour across the U.S. and Australia this fall and winter—including a breast cancer benefit on October 13 at Largo Theatre, where she had her groundbreaking set announcing she had cancer in 2012. ...more
I was SO excited to see this!  And at the Austin theater, there was 1 solo stranded seat in a ...more

Hey, U2, Get Off Of My Cloud

Me in 1991: I spend the night camped out on a sidewalk in the tiny town of Palatka, Florida. The small downtown record store was one of those hidden treasures with an efficient staff where you had a chance to score a spot in the front of the line and therefore a chance to get tickets through their Ticketmaster system. I was fifth in line and I held my power position. Tickets went in a few nerve-wracking minutes.  I scored! I am filled with ecstatic joy from my badassery.  ...more
I don't care about it one way or the other. I'm not a big U2 fan, so it's sitting undownloaded ...more

Mixed Feelings About the Freaks in American Horror Story's New Season Trailer

American Horror Story released an extended trailer for the new season, and I am full of mixed emotions. I am a huge fan of the show, and especially the way it gives powerful women (including superstars Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy, Gabourey Sidibe, Sarah Paulson and Emmy winners Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates) thrilling roles. Inventive concepts and writing by showrunner Ryan Murphy bring decidedly campy, queer, stylish trends to television, and I looked forward to weekly doses of his mad brilliance last season. ...more
It's taken me ALL week to get over Episode 1 (sort of) I'm really trying to work up the courage ...more