What to Watch on a Cozy, Mid-Winter TV Binge

Some of my northeastern friends are thrilled to be snowed in, some are being pummeled, and others are disappointed their accumulations weren't higher. All agree, though, that along with French toast supplies, this blizzard calls for a good TV binge watch or two this week. That's a rallying cry the rest of the continent can get behind as well, from the cold plains on out to the sunny coastlines we won't mention to the rest of you. ...more
I just finished binging The Fall, and it was badass. I concurrently and coincidentally was ...more

Preparing to Say Goodbye to the Bravermans and 'Parenthood'

My dear, kind and loving fans of Parenthood. I'm worried about us all. Are you okay after the "We Made It Through the Night" episode? Have you stopped weeping yet? Here, just sit still on this luncheonette stool for a moment, dry your eyes with this Braverman plaid shirt, and let's address the tender, beautiful, about-to-collapse souffle in the room. There's only one show left. ...more
NicoleBlades Noooooo!!!more

Go See 'Selma' to Counteract the Horrible Oscar Snubs with Your Attention

Hey there, what are your weekend plans? I'd like to propose that you hijack them and direct a few hours of your time where you will be immensely rewarded in personal and political ways. Go see Selma. President Obama's doing it, and you should too. It's a fantastic work of art and a vibrant contribution to a vital cultural dialogue, and it deserves your time and ticket purchase. ...more
I never paid much attention to how irrelevant the Academy has become until now. Great post. Well ...more

Golden Globes 2015: Tina, Amy and Margaret Cho with the North Korea Joke That Wouldn't Die

The Golden Globes threw a perfectly Golden Globes awards night. A few rambling, perhaps tipsy speeches here, a few few earnest, perhaps self-involved speeches there, and a lot of inspiration to view the films and shows the Foreign Press Association would like you to be sure to view, Birdman, The Affair, Big Eyes, The Honorable Woman, Jane the Virgin, Transparent, Whiplash, Theory of Everything, Still Alice and Boyhood chief amongst them. ...more
Did not think it was funny. Sorry gals.more

Does 'Black Mirror' Examine a Sexist and Racist Future, or Is It Just Another Racist and Sexist TV Show?

I only have myself to blame. You know that thing where a television show or movie is so highly recommended that you make special plans to watch it, only to absolutely hate it so much that you wonder if you watched the same show as the critics or your friends loved? Looking into Black Mirror did that to me.  ...more
Or even science fiction. My fat fingers clicked submit before I even finished starting that last ...more

Hot and Heavy: TV's Best Sex Scenes and Stories in 2014

Just as in real life, TV sex can fall into one of four categories: ecstatically connected and life changing; not-so-intimate but banging' hot; gratuitous or at least partially regretful; and, plain old awkward. ...more

Team Festivus vs. Team Treat Yo Self: Pick a Day for Holiday Survival

Alright, all you winter holiday celebrants. I hear your attempts at ho-ho-hoing, but I also hear a backbeat of something else. I hear you desperately trying to do whatever it takes to simply survive the holiday season somewhat whole and unburdened, refreshed instead of exhausted, and ultimately ready to embrace a rad new year. ...more
I am 100% Team TYS! (I can't survive the Feats of Strength for Festivus, and I like to by shiny ...more

Entertainment Trend of 2014: The Year We Were Obsessed with Obsession

Obsessives always have found safe harbor on the Internet. You can easily research all day and all night down the lowliest of rabbit holes, or you can find your tribe of geeks who are equally obsessed with your fascination with backyard bantams, Beyoncé or television shows that break the fourth wall. That's what this world wide web of wonder is designed to do. 2014 took the entire concept of "obsession" to the next level, though. ...more

Last-Minute Gift Guide: Best TV and Gaming Subscriptions of 2014

I've streamlined the stuff of my life in the last few years. Blame it on seeing too many Pinterest boards and blog posts showcasing minimalist life in glamorous tiny houses, perhaps. I really don't wish for any more things now that I've successfully purged bags of pashminas and panini makers out of my life. I found that many of the things I needed to let go of had been gifts. No one intends to burden a beloved with that cocktail table book about King Tut or R2D2-shaped Kleenex cozy, but so it goes. We all do it. ...more

December Movie Extravaganza! 10 New Releases I Need To See This Month

Moviegoers can think of December as an Advent calendar dispensing tickets to some of the best movies of the year. The film industry packs the month with Oscar contenders and big screen must-sees right when some of us need a little escape from Christmas, right this very minute. Bored of shopping, partied out, want a break from family obligations, feeling winter sadness pulling you down? Hollywood's got your back. Have extra time to yourself, or with extended family, or while others celebrate a holiday that is not your own? A bounty of new releases await. ...more
Tinseltine I guess that depends on where you went to school. In the UK Alan Turing was ...more