Let's Talk About Voice Choices That Are Worse Than Vocal Fry

Handwringing about women and vocal fry is back in vogue, and I've had enough of it.  Whether you call it a tic, a pattern, a learned affectation or a cultural gift from the Manic Pixie Pandora of Zooey Deschanel (who is typically used to illustrate articles about vocal fry), complaints and analysis abound.  ...more

Amy, Simone, Tig and More: 6 Amazing Documentaries About Women to Watch Now

I spent the last week immersed in the lives of six compelling artists. After seeing Amy in the theater and watching Tig on Netflix, the magic of search and streaming algorithms began suggesting other recent documentaries about women. "You might also like this," those algorithms predicted, and they were right.  ...more

Why are You Not Watching Lifetime's Fantastic 'UnREAL' Yet?

In the last scene of the third episode of Lifetime's summer breakout hit UnREAL, two producers of a Bachelor-type show sit poolside after orchestrating a vicious yet banal catfight among their contestants. They consider their surroundings — the mansion, the just-so twinkling lights, the nameless bouquet of beautiful women and the one British "suitor" — and they consider their own sociopathy, or whatever it is that drives them to enjoy the wretched exploitation they so masterfully dole out in constructing this unreal fairytale universe. ...more
Agreed! That show is brilliantmore

What You Need to Know to Think Like a Pop Culture Expert

Pop culture writing is one of the things that drew me to sharing ideas on the internet. Web forums devoted to interpreting movies like Mulholland Drive or The Shining led me to early television show recap communities. By the time the Internet was collectively enduring Lost, I knew I had found my people....more
Must memorize this post. Must memorize this post. Must memorize this post.more

Watch US v. Japan in the Final Battle for the FIFA 2015 Women's World Cup This Weekend

After weeks of tournament play and a dramatic week of semi-final games, the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup is culminating in two fantastic, final games on Saturday and Sunday. ...more
The tournament was great! GO USA!more

'Game of Thrones' Season Finale Proves It Again: GoT Fans Love Pain

Fans of HBO's Game of Thrones are squealing, keening and bemoaning their fates in the aftermath of a death-filled season finale. They are questioning their misplaced loyalty with the show, and they are pondering the various ways the dead may magically be brought back from the dark. They are tortured fools, but hold no pity for them. Game of Thrones fans are nothing if not lovers of torture, even if it is their own pain as viewers.  Image: HBO ...more

Women's World Cup 2015 Fever Is Off to a Wild Start

The 2015 Women's World Cup is off to a strong start, and I'm already obsessed.  The U.S. Women's National Team has a great shot at bringing the Cup home from Canada, which would be our first win since 1999.  All fans are facing a month of exciting competition, with the Third-Place Match scheduled for July 4. The final game on July 5 in Vancouver will award the World Cup trophy, and we have hours of games this month to take us along on the journey. ...more

Count Me Out: I'm Done with the Disgusting Duggar Spin Machine

Last night Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appeared on Fox News to explain their actions as parents and as stars of the TLC  show 19 Kids and Counting and to talk about their son Josh Duggar's admission that he molested five underage girls. Josh Duggar's known victims include a babysitter and four of his sisters.  ...more
Fantastic post Deb. Thanks.more

Watch Lily Tomlin Soar in 'Grace and Frankie'

Netflix recently announced that they are giving Grace and Frankie a second season. This is really good news for viewers like me who see a Lily Tomlin performance as a little bit of grace in and of itself. Only a few of our greatest stars can operate at her level, and this chance to see her in her own series is good luck I won't take for granted.  Image via: Netflix ...more
Frankie and Grace make me laugh.  They are like the two sides of me.  Yes, really.more

The Perfect Harmony of the 'Mad Men' Finale

The Mad Men finale felt absolutely perfect to me: uneven, repetitive, gorgeous, tedious, predictable, rich, rewarding, infuriating, full of visual puzzles and Easter eggs (or more specifically, Halloween pumpkins), and buoyed by exquisitely-crafted narrative. Most importantly, it was true to the universe of characters it has given us.  It even ended with a sickly sweet, iconic commercial that evoked both nostalgia and revulsion at the same time. Perfectly Mad Men. ...more
Thank you for this deconstruction, Deb! What an amazing interpretation and so eloquently ...more