(FALL PREVIEW) After a Tedious Summer of Small Talk With Real People, TV Comes Roaring Back

Forget Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Forget Decorative Gourd Season. Forget falling leaves, cozy hoodies and recipes for tailgate Buffalo chicken dip. The absolute best part about fall is here full throttle. ...more
CFFowler I need to start HowToGetAwayABC from the start before I watch new episodes! I love ...more

The Monsters in 'The Visit' are Baby Boomers and a Slacker Gen X Mom

In addition to cheap thrills and, typically, a bit of comedy (intended or not), a good horror flick can give us a glimpse into our demons and cultural fears. At core, gothic stories are morality plays. Beware a focus on science, you might make monsters. Rein in your lust, or you might be turned into a creature of the night by a tortured vampire. Quit making out with boys and mouthing off, you brazen girls, or men with chainsaws and axes will find you.  ...more
I'm sort of dying to see this.more

Super Sweet Throwback: Watching the Early Episodes of 'The Carol Burnett Show'

Carol Burnett is my all-time favorite television artist. That's saying a lot, because I also love Lucy to bits, and bow down to Tina, Amy, Oprah, Diane Sawyer and Mariska Hargitay as TV gods who mean a great deal to me. But no one compares to the legendary Carol, who is important in every way, and her impact on television, comedy and women's empowerment in the entertainment industry is undeniable. Image: © Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com ...more
My favorite variety show of all time! Nothing has ever matched that show in talent, comedy, ...more

All Hail Serena Williams on Her U.S. Open Journey to a Calendar-Year Grand Slam

We are not worthy, but all eyes are on superstar Serena Williams as she heads into the U.S. Open ready to make history. If she wins, she'll attain a calendar Grand Slam (winning all four major titles in one year), which hasn't been earned since Steffi Graff did it in 1988.  The draw was announced Thursday and play begins next week.   ...more
There will never be another one. Not unless someone creates a new planet.more

Tig Notaro's Takes Her Top Off & That's Not the Provocative Part of 'Boyish Girl Interrupted'

I knew that Tig Notaro would likely take off her shirt at some point during her HBO comedy special, Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted.   I was counting on it. ...more
She takes comedy to new places, and I am grateful for it.more

What We Read on Summer Break: Book Recommendations from 11 Bloggers

Back-to-school time used to mean closing the folder on my summer reading list while filing a "What I Read on Summer Break" book report. Even though I didn't chart my reading to earn awards at my local library or the admiration of my new 4th grade teacher, I read some fantastic books this summer guided by a list of my own creation, literally on the sand as "beach reads" and, more often, under the whirr of my bedroom's ceiling fan as "escape-the-blistering-sweaty-sun-on-crisp-white-sheets read." ...more
This just made my heart sing!  As an author, I'd like mine to be included :)  But I'm just so ...more

Let's Talk About Voice Choices That Are Worse Than Vocal Fry

Handwringing about women and vocal fry is back in vogue, and I've had enough of it.  Whether you call it a tic, a pattern, a learned affectation or a cultural gift from the Manic Pixie Pandora of Zooey Deschanel (who is typically used to illustrate articles about vocal fry), complaints and analysis abound.  ...more
What makes me sad is that my son has picked this up in college. He is the "well, actually.... ...more

Amy, Simone, Tig and More: 6 Amazing Documentaries About Women to Watch Now

I spent the last week immersed in the lives of six compelling artists. After seeing Amy in the theater and watching Tig on Netflix, the magic of search and streaming algorithms began suggesting other recent documentaries about women. "You might also like this," those algorithms predicted, and they were right.  ...more

Why are You Not Watching Lifetime's Fantastic 'UnREAL' Yet?

In the last scene of the third episode of Lifetime's summer breakout hit UnREAL, two producers of a Bachelor-type show sit poolside after orchestrating a vicious yet banal catfight among their contestants. They consider their surroundings — the mansion, the just-so twinkling lights, the nameless bouquet of beautiful women and the one British "suitor" — and they consider their own sociopathy, or whatever it is that drives them to enjoy the wretched exploitation they so masterfully dole out in constructing this unreal fairytale universe. ...more
I am definitely going to check this show out!  This season on the bachelor has plenty of ...more

What You Need to Know to Think Like a Pop Culture Expert

Pop culture writing is one of the things that drew me to sharing ideas on the internet. Web forums devoted to interpreting movies like Mulholland Drive or The Shining led me to early television show recap communities. By the time the Internet was collectively enduring Lost, I knew I had found my people....more
FloatOnYourLove Why These 11 Noteworthy Millennials and I Are Proud to Represent 'The Worst ...more