How to Try NOT To Change The World (One Woman's Take On Faith, North Carolina, & Legislating Morality)

This week has been a struggle for me.  If we, at times, battle between two natures and our Spirit is willing while flesh remains weak, this has been one of those weeks for me.I have been known, in times past, to rant and rave and rail about things that, when viewed in the larger scheme of things, really didn’t matter.  I have been known, in fact, to rather enjoy puffing up my chest to arrogantly and self-righteously expound upon the relative ridiculousness of the world.I’ve often done this over ludicrous topics....more

Meaning is the New Money

In Dan Pink’s book, “the Whole New Mind” published in 2006, Pink declared meaning as the new money.   The enduring economic slump has helped make that declaration true.If there’s a bright side to the economy, it’s that people are seeking for - and finding - more meaning in their life.  They’re prioritizing passion and purpose over money.  ...more
Glad you were encouraged @Isabel_Anders !  That makes my day.  Thanks for the commentmore

Does God Want Us To Be Happy? (Is God Happy?)

Does God want us to be happy?   Every time I think of that question, I think of the speech Anthony Hopkins gives playing C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands.   It’s a great speech.  (It’s a great movie.)  And in it, his answer is ‘what if the answer to that question is no?’  In this speech, Lewis is addressing the question of suffering, the problem of pain.  And he’s right.After all, to answer the question with a simple yes or no is to ignore the complexities and realities of life....more
That's a great quote!  Hadn't heard that one before, but will definitely be filing it away. ...more

Living Authentically: Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and feedback lately on living authentically, which just so happens to be one of my favorite topics.    I could go on about it for days.  Of course, living authentically is that deep.There are a lot of facets and angles to it, so there’s no quick fix.  (There never really is.)   But real progress can be made.One of the biggest enemies to living authentically is caring too much about what other people think....more

Where Does Your Mind Dwell?

There are certain words I love.  They reach down into my soul and speak to me there.  Dwell is one of those words.   Jane Austen made a declaration determining where her pen would dwell when she wrote, “Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.” Emily Dickinson told us all to:  “Dwell in possibility” ...more

Being A Finder, Rather Than A Seeker (Living in Solutions)

While coaching a copywriter, we were reviewing a list she uses to allow her clients to choose words that resonate for and describe them best.  Scanning the list, my eyes fell on one word. Looking at the word, I muttered something under my breath.  Curious about what I’d reacted to, she asked me to let her in on it. The word?Seeker. The reaction I’d had?...more

The 1 Thing We All Have in Common With Whitney Houston

There were so many moving, beautiful moments during Whitney Houston’s Homegoing.   Including a family that, in the middle of the storm of their grief, took that moment to be a shining example in sharing their faith. But there was one moment in time that was beautiful, poignant, and filled with raw truth.  That raw truth was a common bond with us all. It was the one thing we all have in common with Whitney. ...more

Living Authentically Leads to True Love, Peace, and Purpose

Whether it’s in response to my post over at People of the Second Chance, being as open as I am in writing here, or just out in the world at times, I get asked a lot about transparency....more

It's Progress & Wholeness; Not Perfection (Giving Up Perfection)

While the video had been shot, this post was originally planned for a later date.  But was moved up inspired by last night’s Grammy’s.If you’re at all like me, you’ve struggled with perfection.  Thinking we need to be perfect or our lives need to be (or look) perfect can create havoc.Pursued too fully, it leads to being judgmental, hypocritical, to being exhausted as we pretend to be something we’re not and stress as we struggle to uphold an image that’s impossible to meet....more

It's Time for You to Shine

You have a distinct set of talents, strengths, personality, and passions that make up your one unique voice.  You are the light of the world.  You were made to shine.  Brilliantly.The world needs you to be you.   To release, relinquish, and renounce all that holds you back from being boldly, powerfully, and singularly you.  To put you...more