2013: First Day of School


Gazebo Time!

One of the big differences between Northern California and Northern Ontario is the bug population. ...more

Italian Moonlight: Porto Fino

One night in Porto Fino we had the most amazing moonlit sky. ...more

Stormy Days

The long trip from San Francisco was smooth. ...more

Apparently this Plane Ain't Flying to Ontario

It is flying to France! Sneaky husband! ...more

Punch Buggy, No Punch Backs!

Well, I just got the gears from my son, who is traveling in Scotland, that I have not posted for a very long time.  Yes, I gave myself the luxury of a blog vacation lately.  When you are not paid, it is very easy to give yourself a vacation after many many years of posting and posting and posting.  My son is keeping a blog while he is away, so now he knows it's fun, but sometimes it's hard to ...more

Almost 6th Graders...

But still a little bit 5th graders! ...more

Good Bye To Braces: Congrats Ruth!