A Family Summer Perspective

It's that time of year again. School has wrapped up and we are yearning for a break from busy school schedules. Summer presents a new type of busy, and one we really enjoy at first but then grow weary of towards the end. It's always fun to see how much each child grows and matures over the summer. Our son grew two inches one summer and ate us out of house and home!...more

Bloom Where You Are Planted

One Year.One year since I've had the presence of mind to write a blog post.I shutter to think of all that we were forced to endure over this past year, but can honestly say we are better off now regardless of all of the turmoil....more

Speak Without Accusing

Everyone has a subject that they are passionate about.Dig down deep...do you know what that one thing is in your life that you just so happen know a lot about? ...more

Are You Listening?

How many times in life do we jump to conclusions before hearing the complete details?I am guilty of doing this so many times. One of the biggest peeves my husband has with me is that I don't give him room to fully explain his thoughts before I jump in and interrupt him with my response. Most of the time my response is not appreciated and cut off with a "let me finish!"While I pray for patience and strength to change this pattern, I've been contemplating returning to my blog and writing about life lessons I am learning....more

Our First Homeschool Graduate

Our oldest child has officially graduated from high school after being home schooled, Praise the Lord! It seems like yesterday that we were teaching him how to read, write, ride a bike and swim!...more

Summer Laughter

It's here! The much anticipated, thoroughly enjoyable summertime!  In New England, where we live, it seems that there are only two seasons in the course of a year: Winter and Summer. As time goes on, the winters just seem to be getting colder and longer. (It must have something to do with the thinning of the blood or old age.) ...more

How to Love: Listen Without Interrupting

  In our house, disagreements and lively debates are filled with one common phrase: "Let me finish...don't interrupt me!!!" Everyone wants their voice to be heard. Everyone feels their reasoning needs to be heard. ...more

Happy Fall Y'all

Every have those times in life when you have a lot to say and not enough words to put together to say anything of any significance? I guess that is my only explanation for not writing a blog post for a while....more

Spring Break in Charleston

Last week was our spring break week from school here in New England. It seems so late compared to everyone else in the country! This year my parents invited us to join them in South Carolina. Unfortunately, Ken could not join us due to work obligations, but the kids and I were able to go.  ...more
That's my home town -- and Isle of Palms is my favorite beach. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.more

Date please...

Oh my goodness. What has happened to this year? The time is flying by so fast! I was shocked to look at this blog today and find that I hadn't posted in a long while. Truth is that I've been meaning to post more, but time and the schedules in my life are a bit overwhelming. Enough excuses.... Blogging is a lot of fun and I enjoy writing. Tomorrow is a new day and I will share some pics from our spring break trip. ...more