How to Build a Flower Tower

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Remember the vertical garden we built as part of a sponsored program for Home Depot?  Well, we were assigned the project.  We weren’t super excited about it at first with but we ended up really liking it after it was built.  That’s the inside scoop ....more

Blackberry Cobbler

If I haven’t yet convinced you to get yourself a cast iron skillet, this Blackberry Cobbler recipe just might do it. This family favorite tastes even more delicious in a cast iron skillet.  But what doesn’t taste more delicious than something cooked in a pan coated in bacon grease?  Nothing is the correct answer ....more

DIY Outdoor Patio Table Tutorial

On Monday, I shared with you our newly built outdoor patio table ....more

DIY Outdoor Patio Table

How was your weekend?  Nate and I were busy kids.  That’s what the old dude at the hardware store called us anyways. I’m going with it. We put the finishing touches on our outdoor patio table that Nate built last weekend.  We enlisted the help of Nate’s parents to help us carry it from the garage.  Our patio now has a table and my car can go back in the garage. Double win ....more

May Monthly Recap + Other Important Business

I don’t know about you but I am pumped that tomorrow is the first day of June.  I’m a big fan of Summer.  Now if only the weather would catch on.  That is my first order of business.Second order of business.  Ike is cute.  His current bandana is extra large.  We keep calling it his cape.  We’ve also renamed him Super Ike.  His super powers include fly catching and getting into the dishwasher.  His kryptonite is thunder ....more

Sunset Photography Tips

As we were finishing up editing our Siesta Key vacation photos, I realized that I should share some sunset photography tips. ...more

Outdoor Folding Chairs

How was your Memorial Day week-end (U.S. readers)?  How was your Monday (non-U.S. readers)? Our long holiday week-end was a wet one.  It was cold and gloomy.  The only positive was that we could blame our lack of productivity on the weather and not on laziness.  Thanks, Mother Nature. We did get some stuff done.  Nate finished building our outdoor patio table (more on that next week).  Ike napped and barked at the poodle across the street.  I did some ...more

Weekend DIY

Who’s ready for a 3 day weekend? Ike and I have a five day weekend.  We’re lucky kids.  We squandered most of yesterday with a side of cleaning.  Today we are going to be super productive.  Well, I am. I don’t know about Ike.  He looks pretty sleepy.  (As you can tell, he worked his way back into the bedroom.) ...more

Shopping at The Tile Shop

On Saturday, Nate and I headed to Des Moines to pick out some tile at The Tile Shop ....more

Week-end Road Trip and Stuff

Happy Monday, Decor and the Dog readers!  I hope your week-end was a good one. We were busy.  Shopping.  Birthday celebrating.  Sleeping.  Yard working.  Intense, I tell you. On Saturday, Nate and I headed to Des Moines.  It’s about 2 1/2 hours from our house.  I really like Des Moines.  They have civilized stores like World Market, Trader Joes and The Tile Shop ....more