To My Grandmother, Who Saved Me

There's a photo I found somewhere, unearthed from the unending piles my grandfather snapped of me as I grew up. It shows a girl, with an open round face and big blue eyes, staring out from beneath shiny brown bangs, a look of fear in her eyes. She reaches over her shoulder and clasps a hand; a strong, comforting hand. You can tell that the hand is her tether; it is what is keeping her safe in that moment of uncertainty. As long as she holds that hand, nothing bad can happen to her. That girl is me, and that woman is my grandmother. ...more

Mommy Fail: My Hairdresser Noticed My Son Was Teething Before I Did

Something was up. Yesterday, my son E, who is almost 6-months-old, was really fussy and cranky -- more so than usual. Today, I set him in his bouncer so I could make a sandwich and he played happily -- for about five minutes. Then, with no warning, he was inconsolable. Red-faced, screaming, sobbing. I tried everything to calm him as I tried to pack us up to get out of the door for my hair appointment....more
Please don't count this as a "Mommy Fail."  If not noticing two little white bumps is a "fail," ...more

He Died Before I Could Say His Name

He died before I could say his name. On January 11, 1985, exactly five days before I turned six months old, my father died. He and my mother were on the road after a day of skiing and had a terrible accident. He died at the scene. My mother spent the next six months, yes you read that correctly, in a coma. She awoke mentally and physically disabled and has remained that way ever since. Today is exactly five days before E turns six months old, and I cannot stop thinking about what it must have been like for them. Did it happen very quickly?...more
Wow. I can't imagine what that's like --- a mom of a child the same age you were then. You ...more

My First Day as a Stay-At-Home-Mom

I'll admit it, I was nervous. All last week as today got closer and closer, I got more worried. One big, important question circled around in around in my head: What if I don't like being a stay-at-home mom? This was my choice. No one forced me into it. I had the unwavering support of my husband, my family and my friends. The funny thing is, I never even considered staying at home until about week eight of my maternity leave....more
I had a lot of those thoughts and fears on my first day at home too. Here's hoping you enjoy ...more