Bullies Are Here to Stay...School Shootings...What's Going On?

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Crisis in Healthcare... Who's at Risk?

   A recent article addresses the healthcare crisis in America. At present, the number of uninsured Americans at risk has increased to 53 million... Are there any solutions? Below is an excerpt from this article. ...more

Dragged Into the New Millenium

"We surveyed our blogs" say the new commentators on TV and opinions are..blah, blah" I'm like what is THAT? Of course my kids try to explain it to me and I'm wondering, "people can just say whatever they want and other people read it and now the news media is using the 'blogs' to test public opinion?"...more

To Babyboomers That Still Dream

 The new cyber-world and our shifting economic foundation ... the last of the baby-boomer generation of which I am a member is now approaching retirement age and we are caught between two generations, our aging parents and our own families.  We are providing and caring for both....more

Is Acetaminophen Dangerous for you?


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