Christmas is not a time nor a season…

…but a state of mind. Calvin Coolidge. And with that, welcome Christmas Season 2014 ....more

Being Thankful, While Missing the Ones You Love…

Ever have the same songs on repeat, only to realize, weeks later – that you have never really listened to the words? I have to admit to both a serious case of not listening and an even more serious case of not being able to write – which comes, in part, from that serious case of not listening. A few weeks ago I promised A, The Wonder-Kid, that she could decide what we did for Thanksgiving (and Christmas, and New Year’s and Arbor Day, but not Groundhog Day, no, never Groundhog Day) ....more

On Tom Hardy and the End of Romance…

Or, at least the end of romantic comedies. Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors. I can’t say it’s because I have loved all of his movies, although his Bane character in “The Dark Knight Rises” made me fall in love with the Batman franchise all over again and his new role in “The Drop” is on my must-see films of the fall season ....more

The Skies Belong to Us #Book Review

I took my first flight when I was three years old. I was too young to have any real memories of that flight, but I do have pictures of my mom and I standing outside of the airport in San Diego, waiting to go inside where I would be passed off from my mom to a flight attendant, stewardess way back then in 1975, for the flight to Hobby Airport in Houston, TX. I must have flown twenty more times by myself before long distance driving became my family’s preferred mode of travel ....more

No News Left to Print…

There was a time, a couple of years ago, when I was juggling three blogs on a full-time basis. Here, on Bubbles, I talked about whatever came into my heart or head and shared stories about being a single mom, having a broken heart, and trying to figure out my place in the world. Over on Trois Coccinelles, I tried to give a space to emerging writers so that they’d have an opportunity to share their work with readers who would care and way over on Green Eyes, Good Hair, I wrote about race and our obsession with pretending we’re a post-racial society when the truth is that we’re just the opposite ....more

Today is my

Today is my 42nd birthday. I remember being a kid and thinking there was no way I’d live to be so old. I couldn’t even imagine how old I’d be at 30, let alone 42 ....more

Ruined Than Changed…#Sunday Quotes

Sunday afternoons in Yonkers used to be ‘What We’re Cooking Sundays’ but the girl-child is gone away for her summer job in the woods. She was home for a few hours on Friday night to wash her laundry, flush some toilets (her camp is in the woods and those woods do not come with built in plumbing) and to watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ with the three girls who came home with her for the night. With A, her three friends, me, Britney the Wonder Cat and Chloe the Super Bunny, there were seven women in the house at once ....more

Showing Up is Not All of Life…HRC #BookReview

If you’re a lover of books, and burdened with the ability to read way too fast, what do you bring on a 17 hour flight from New York City to Ethiopia? If you’re a political junkie and lover of all things electorate, you pack “HRC” by Jonathan Allen, which documents the time between Hillary’s defeat during the 2008 Democratic primary and selection, and ultimately her political rebirth as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. I remember reading “Game Change” a couple of years ago and thinking that to have been on the very inside of either the Obama or Clinton campaign would have been both inspirational and disheartening ....more

Ignoring the Shortcuts…

(Originally written on July 5th, before there was wifi service)… I’m at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa. What a trip. We’ve had everything you could ask for and more ....more

On Shooting Stars and Commitment…

It’s just about 99km from Addis Ababa to Adama. On the road to Adama you see so much. Caravans of oxen being herded along the shoulder of the highway ....more