The Wait...........

I happen to love my husband more than I can contain some days! (like today) :)But there are other days while infrequent they are there and then I must WAIT until the sun shines again radiating beauty and warmth upon our relationship and so too is my wait for adoption....more


Matthew 25:40 Reminds us:“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’...more

The Planter's Wife

And so we are called........Are you a planters wife?  A pastors wife? A wife deticated to standing firmly beside her husband as you venture out into the great challenge that so many others have dared to attempt and yet few have accomplished successfully.  And by success I don't mean a congregation filled with seekers and faithful believers, but success being. a marriage that is intact, blessed, better and secure in the very boat in which it originally set sail held together by Jesus alone and set straight and soley for the purpose of glorifying God in any measure....more

When 1 says YES!

Is it possible to feel elated and sad at the same time? Excited and deflated? I think that is where I am, in this moment! ...more

Picking & Choosing

Charters, ISPs, Accreditations O MY!Well, its that time again, time to prepare for a new school year and figure out which system/program/plan will work for the family.  Just when I thought I had my decision made, more information arrived that threw me off track a little bit.  I am most grateful for the information but I after many hours of talking to reps and my hubby I think we are back to where we began last year but this year we are trying a new version, the streaming,  accredited version! ...more

Our Intrinsic Value

How do we begin to understand our intrinsic value, when the world around us bombards us with its opinions?I love this quote by Mother Teresa:...more

For Such a Time as this!

It's the start of a brand new school year!Time surely seems to slip past us at a hastened pace as we enjoy the moments together not huddled over school books and lesson plans at the table but hurling bowling balls, camping, hiking, golfing, swimming and playing games!...more

To Forgive

How can we forgive?  How can we move forward?  How can we see past this?...more