"Love Me ... Broken" Dating While Living With Bipolar Disorder

 Humped over on my bathroom floor, feeling like a shell of myself, I already missed his arms. Another one bites the dust and that sinking feeling whispers again – “Will anyone ever love me broken?”Someone told me once that you have to get yourself together before anyone will ever love you. I researched convents the very next day. When you live with a mental illness (bi-polar for me), there’s no such thing as simply “getting yourself together”. Well, not totally. ...more
I feel the exact same way.  I understand how the you feel completely.  Thank you for showing ...more

Does It Really Matter How Many People You've Slept With?

 Editor's Note: I hate the so-called "Body Count" question and the implications behind it, primarily because men are rarely held to the same standards as women when it comes to answering "How many people have you had sex with?" This piece breaks down some of the nuances of this issue and puts some things into perspective. - Feminista Jones “So how many men have you slept with….” ...more
Hey there, DeeRene! I think in all of this, conduct speaks louder than words. Getting to know ...more

Keeping My Panties On: A discussion on celibacy

Oprah and Jesus can give you a binder full of reasons why celibacy is important or healthy. You protect your body from disease. You avoid the society label of “hoe” that is so easily attached to any woman with a vagina. And you also won’t be popping out any unplanned crumb snatchers.But is that even possible in our generation?  When sex isn’t an option, are you destined for a life as the Cat Lady?...more

What Becomes of a Dream Deferred?

What becomes of a dream deferred?It goes to a cubicle and dies.I’m good at my job. Really good actually. And in this economy I’m grateful for a job that was basically mine as long as I wanted the position. But one day, slumped in my uncomfortable office chair, surrounded by piles of paperwork and my own mind’s clutter, I pushed away from the desk.“I can’t do this anymore.”...more