I lost track of the days...

I started to feel like I was counting down to a death. Not my death; defiantly something dying and I couldn’t participate in that behavior any longer.  I leave carrying burdens I didn’t think I would have to pile into my moving truck, but it is worth every brick in my suitcase. I decided I needed room to breathe.  I felt suffocated and surrounded at all times in our shared townhouse.  It is large and she gave me plenty of space to rattle around in, but I grew tired of the demons that would pop up with no notice....more

8 months and 14 days

Tomorrow I stand in front of the judge and I will be given my name back.  Our marriage wasn't recognized by the state, and so I feel like this will be our official divorce date.  It feels sad and renewing at the same time.  Sad, because it will end our relationship forever, but renewing for my future and moving forward. ...more

8 months, 23 days to go

Today I had a badass epiphany moment and realized it. Isn’t that half the battle? Realizing a moment when it winds up and smacks you up alongside the head.   I grew up in a house where emotions were not tolerated. If you had even the slightest emotion, heck if you were even headed down the road of an emotion, you were squashed like a bug with words. You’re a cry babyYou’re a drama queenYou never shut upYou’re a chatterboxYou’re crazyYou’re unstableYou’re a (fill in the ______)...more

9 months to go

Continued from Gay Marriage ended my Marriage... Today marks one month since we became roommates and stopped being a married couple.  It isn't easy.  Last night there were tears from both of us. More about life and the feeling of not having that other half to share with about struggles and situations than about our situation.  How do you handle holding someone you're no longer a spouse or partner to?...more

Gay marriage ended my marriage

I want to start off by stating…I am a lesbian.  I have been a Lesbian since the day I was born! I am happy being me and I am 100% “Out” in this vast green grass, blue water, all of us are unique world! I have a great job, I have an awesome group of friends, I run an outdoor adventure club just for giggles and I love my life!Herstory:...more
Cathy,   Sweet of you to post.    Thank you for the kind words.   D~more