The Feast of Trumpets for Mormons

I wish Mormons celebrated some of the Jewish holidays. But we don’t have that custom of special Feast Days. One time, when my kids were young we celebrated Joseph Smith’s birthday on December 23rd, but that was so close to Christmas, we didn’t do it often ....more

Date Pecan Loaf

I wouldn’t say this is a date bread. There’s not much to it ...more

Heart healthy chocolate


Why was Cain’s sacrifice rejected?

The Bible is a bit confusing. You may get the idea that Cain offered up the wrong gift to God, fruits from his field instead of an animal from his flock. It’s vague why God was angry with Cain ....more

Between evolution and creation

Most people who adhere to the Bible and Torah believe the creation story — that God “created” the earth in seven days, and formed man from the dust of the earth and woman from Adam’s rib. This is a nice little story, but I want to know more. How do we explain evolution and creationism? ...more

Herbs to Increase Energy

We live in an age when we get things instantly. We accesss the Internet for quick answers, we text friends and family as a thought occurs. If we are feeling low in energy, we might grab a Coke or an Energy drink, or a candy bar ....more

Homeschool Sixth Grade Curriculum

History Time period: Medieval/Early Renaissance, 400 – 1600 Story of the World, vol. 2 Sample page Story of the World activity book, vol. 2 Activity book 2 sample Test Booklet, vol ....more

Homeschool Fifth Grade Curriculum

History In fifth grade, you start all over with ancient history. Even though you are covering the same time period as first grade, there’s always more to do and learn. If you did not use The Story of the World volume 1 in first grade, then get it now for the fifth grade ....more

The Hot Zone Ebola Virus

All of my kids have read the book about the first outbreak of Ebola in 1976, called The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus. If your kids are high school age, get them this book and of course, read it yourself. There’s plenty of information about Ebola in the news with the 2014 [...] The post The Hot Zone Ebola Virus appeared first on Eve Out of the Garden ....more

Get an e-reader if you have dyslexia

Good news for anyone with dyslexia: ...more