Knitted sweather

This I finished just a weak ago. It took a little bit longer than I expectet. Now I want to make one more, to do some adjustments. It is my own design. I hope to be able to have the pattern in Raverly after the adjustments....more

Knittet hat

I did just finished this knittet hat for kids. There was som yarn left from another project, and this is a fine way to use it. Did a metion that it's my design?...more

I'm happy to be whith my family - why should I not?

From time to time I have a day off, to get things done. Sometimes it's just laundry and house-stuff, and sometimes it's shopping family-stuff. Work that needs to be done to keep a family going. Both the nearest family and those who is not that close....more

Frozen banana.

One of our neighbours told us this. An easy way to make "ice-cream". Just take half a banana and have som cocoa on. Then get it frozen. Easy, and the kids loves it....more

The beautiful springtime.

I was walking dawn the street, heading for the post office, excpected to see nothing else than streets and building. And there I stood right in front of theese trees. So beautiful! And lot of flowers. Just had to take a picture....more

Knittet bolero for women.

The bolero was finished just in time for Christmas :-) I used it on my sisters anniversery too. It's my design, an the pattern will you find here:

Maybe this wil be a christmas card?

I bought those cards yesterday. If there's enough time, they will be decorated for Christmas....more

Knittet vest for boy.

At least it was finished. My own designed vest for boys, about four years old....more


I wantet to test  the camera on my mobilephone, and took this picture....more

Not finished at all.....

This was ment to be a baby-blanket, but was never finished. I wanted to try a new technique for crocheting, described in a book of Betty Barnden. Somehowe I had to put the work aside, and there it still is....When the days get colder again, and the evenings are darker, I probably will get startet again. At least i hope to :-)...more