Thai Coconut Soup

It was foggy when I woke up this morning. I bundled up, put on a scarf and thought about soup all day. Thai and Vietnamese soups are cold-weather soups for me because they are complex. It’s the combination of spiciness and heartiness – I love having lots of bits and pieces to pick though. The chicken and mushrooms in this Tom Kha Gai are a meaty partner to the lemongrass and lime juice. And while I’m not a huge tofu person, tofu is a great substitute for chicken in this recipe....more

Coconut Cream Pie Of Splendor

PIE! We all have our favorites: apple, lemon meringue, cherry, pies of cream, pies of fruit. Pie charts. Darren Aronofsky’s Pi. You name it. PIE. This Coconut Cream Pie Of Splendor is as fresh-tasting as it is decadent. It’s the perfect pie for sitting in a patio in the summertime with an ice-cold lemonade by your side. Oh sweet, delicious pie....more

Love Letter To Chaat Masala

The odor is akin to a fruit salad that’s been farted on. The taste is like getting punched in the mouth by a lemonhead that’s been inserted into a habanero. The powder, when airborne, gets into your lungs faster than asbestos.And it’s really good on french fries....more

Nigella Lawson’s Masala Omelette

Ahh, Nigella. That saucy minx. How does she do it? I’m referring not only to her cooking, but also her va-va-voomness. I have no va-va-voom in the kitchen. I have a little va, but I cap out at the double va-va. I’ve tried the voom, but things got embarrassing for everyone involved. The point is, Nigella Lawson is the ultimate domestic goddess and all I can do is humbly follow her recipes. ...more